Man Who Used AK-47 To Defend Himself Won't Face Charges

It’s something that most of us fear, on some level. We tend to worry about using our firearm in self-defense, only to find out that an overzealous prosecutor isn’t buying it and wants to make a name for himself on our heads. We did everything right, but now we have to deal with the legal expenses of such a prosecution.


A man who recently made headlines when he used an AK-47 to shoot two burglars will, fortunately, not have to deal with that nightmare.

“He picks up his weapon, he turned around and pointed it at me,” the man, who has asked to remain anonymous, told local media.

He says that the intruder’s gun jammed and both suspects ran to the kitchen.

“I’m assuming they were trying to go out of my back door so as they go through there I jumped in the closet and get my AK 47,” he said.

He found both men on his front porch, where he says one of them was aiming his handgun at his cousin.

“So I just let loose. Not knowing I hit both of them,” he explained.

He told local media that he was just trying to protect himself and did not want to kill either of the two men.

At that point, the homeowner was taken into custody, what surely had to represent the beginning of a nightmare scenario. However, the man was soon freed.


Based on the evidence presented, this was the right call. However, I also understand why the man was taken into custody. The fact that the two men were shot on the porch, rather than inside the home might well look suspicious. Further, a man in custody is easier to charge than a man roaming free.

Though I’d prefer he not have been locked up at all, at least he was free after a short period of time. That’s the important thing.

It’s also evidence to point to when someone claims that a so-called “assault rifle” isn’t useful for self-defense. While I’ve debunked that one previously, it’s always nice to see real-world evidence that proves the point.

What’s even better is to see when a prosecutor looks at the evidence and sees what is clear to you and me, that this was a valid case of someone defending themselves or another. While I fully expect that the family of the deceased will soon rail about how the man didn’t have to kill them and how he could have just wounded them or whatever, anyone with half a brain knows that’s bull.


The homeowner did what he had to do to save a life. The prosecutor followed the law and found that the man did what he was supposed to do. Now, the man can start dealing with the aftermath of the shooting and move on with his life.

Meanwhile, it seems the criminals of Memphis are slightly reduced in number, and the rest have been given a warning of the potential outcome of their criminal endeavors. Hopefully, a few more will reconsider their life choices and leave crime behind.

If not, there are a lot more guns in Memphis.

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