Cuomo To Travel State Pushing Oppressive 'Red Flag' Bill

Andrew Cuomo is making a name for himself as an anti-gun zealot. It’s not enough to be governor of the state of New York. Not for him. No, he has to go on a crusade against a civil right to make an even bigger name for himself.

His latest effort includes a full-court press to try and push through an unconstitutional “red flag” law.

What’s really interesting is who he has joining him on this effort.

Heading into the final days of the legislative session, Gov. Cuomo will make a final push for passage of a “red flag” bill designed to make it easier to keep firearms out of the hands of those feared to be dangerous to themselves or others.

During the next two weeks, Cuomo will travel by school bus to different schools across the state to build support, with the first stops taking place Monday in New York City and Long Island, an administration official said.

He’ll be accompanied at some stops by gun-safety advocates, teachers union officials, including the city’s Michael Mulgrew. Cuomo this week will also launch a “robust six-figure” digital and statewide TV ad campaign on the issue, the aide said.

“Now is precisely the time to talk about it,” Cuomo is heard saying in the ad over video of him walking with students at a gun control rally.

“When is enough enough?” he asks before ticking off several mass shootings. “But now New York is going to lead the way forward again.”

Under Cuomo’s bill, teachers, school officials, family members and police officers would have the ability to petition judges if they believe someone is dangerous and has access to guns.

And they forget that Cuomo’s bill would also allow teachers to get guns pulled from people’s parents. And who is joining him in this? Teachers union officials, the very people he seeks to empower with the ability to get the government to deny law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems awfully convenient. I mean, the bill has the support of people who will be given the power to destroy people’s civil liberties, and these people are fine with it? Shocking, I know.

Further, he’s not actually going to be joined by any “gun-safety advocates.” He’s going to be joined by gun control advocates. Plain and simple.

Gun-safety advocates are people who teach folks the Four Rules of firearm safety. They teach them to treat all guns as if they’re loaded, teach them not to point guns at things they don’t want to destroy, teach them to know their target and what’s beyond it, and not to put their finger on the trigger until they’re ready to fire.

These are people who want to restrict people’s right to keep and bear arms. Period.

The New York Daily News is simply joining in with the idea of redefining terms until they have no meaning, but I can’t let it slide. Not on this. These people aren’t about people being safe with guns, as the term “gun-safety” implies. No, they want to keep guns out of people’s hands. That’s gun control.

Plain and simple.

As for Cuomo, the man is bound and determined to make his state a virtual no man’s land when it comes to guns. So far, though, nothing he’s proposing can’t be done in a better way for due process, the Second Amendment, or any other aspect of the Constitution. Of course, being constitutional is probably a bug in Cuomo’s mind, not a feature.