UK Vlogger Illustrates Why We Need Second Amendment

A YouTuber from England recently offered up his next to the last video on his channel, English Shooting. He announced he was done with the channel, and the reason is beyond stupid.

Two years ago, the owner of the channel, Callum, was accused of some kind of wrongdoing. At the time, his firearm license in England was revoked.

In time, those accusations fell apart. However, Callum can’t get his license back. The reason? According to the video, officials in the UK took issue with his comments on previous videos. In short, he didn’t get to have his firearm license back because of WrongThink.

In the video, he says he’s already begun removing videos, which isn’t surprising. After all, if his videos express WrongThink, and that WrongThink is keeping him from getting his license back, it makes sense to remove those videos.

A quick look at his backlist of videos showed nothing glaring, though “offending” videos may already have been purged.

However, this right here is why we have the Second Amendment.

Callum did nothing wrong. The accusations against him were dropped. Yet police are still denying him his sacred right to keep and bear arms on any level because he said things they didn’t approve of and because some commenters said some things they didn’t like either. If this isn’t a prime example of someone being penalized for WrongThink, I don’t know what it is.

Pro tip for the United Kingdom: 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual.

Keep in mind that this is what many people want in the United States. They want the government to have this level of control over who can have guns and who can’t. They want people to be denied their Second Amendment rights because they say the wrong thing or have the wrong opinions. They want people they disagree with denied the right to defend themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our future if we don’t smack down the oncoming hordes.

“But no one here is coming for your guns,” some anti-gunner will invariably try and argue. Of course, we’ve heard that one before. We also know it’s absolute bovine excrement.

They’re coming for them. They want our guns. They want us having to get permission from our “betters” to have anything more deadly than a slingshot. Any claim to the contrary is, ultimately, even less trustworthy than gas station sushi.

Worse, though, they want to police our language, beliefs, and our thinking so that we aren’t allowed to have any opinion our “betters” don’t want us to have. If we have them, we damn sure won’t be able to voice them. Otherwise, we’ll lose our licenses too and be forced to change our beliefs if we want to shoot a gun ever again.

For some people, this isn’t a bad thing, but for me, it’s a complete nightmare. No free society should judge people’s rights based on their opinions. Licenses shouldn’t be granted only to those who voice approved thoughts for anything. Especially for a basic right like owning arms.

This is the future if we’re not vigilant, so we damn well better stay alert.