American Medical Association Continues Push For Gun Control

Most of us were brought up to trust doctors. They’re the ones who have all the training and experience to help us get through our illnesses. While they might make mistakes, they’re human. Many of us also understand that many “mistakes” aren’t really mistakes. Many illnesses present the same symptoms as others, so doctors don’t always have a lot to work with as far as definitive symptoms.

It’s rough.

However, most of us continue to trust physicians because they’re the experts.

That gets harder when they get involved in stupidity by pushing for gun control.

Frustrated with a lack of action on gun control by the country’s lawmakers, the American Medical Association adopted a series of sweeping policies aimed at preventing gun violence this week during its annual meeting in Chicago.

“People are dying of gun violence in our homes, churches, schools, on street corners and at public gatherings, and it’s important that lawmakers, policy leaders and advocates on all sides seek common ground to address this public health crisis,” Dr. David Barbe, immediate past president of the organization and a family physician in Missouri, said in a statement.
Barbe said that treating gun injuries was becoming an all too common experience for doctors.

‘It doesn’t have to be this way’

“In emergency rooms across the country, the carnage of gun violence has become a too routine experience. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we urge lawmakers to act,” Barbe said.

The AMA has decided to throw its weight behind myriad anti-gun proposals such as requiring people to be 21 to buy long guns, blocking national reciprocity, gun registration, and mandatory training, among others.

Furthermore, it wants to push the supposed role of firearms in suicides.

It’s funny. I can’t help but notice that when someone commits suicide by hanging, doctors will talk about mental health. If someone uses carbon monoxide from their car’s exhaust, the doctors will talk about mental health. When celebrities kill themselves using bathrobe belts, doctors talk about mental health. In every instance someone kills themselves, it’s about mental health until a gun is used.

Odd, isn’t it?

The fact is, the AMA is pushing for measures that won’t reduce violence or make their lives easier in American emergency rooms. Instead, it will merely punish the law-abiding citizen who has done nothing wrong. In the process, they also make it far easier to ignore the AMA’s recommendations on pretty much anything else.

After all, if the AMA is this clueless and politically motivated on guns, what else is it advocating for with blinders on?

Look, I get that doctors want to save lives. I have a couple of friends who are doctors. A dear friend of mine has a son in medical school at the moment. I have nothing against the medical profession. I get their motivations. I became a Navy Corpsman back in the day because I shared them.

But only an idiot can really believe that any of these measures will stop the acts of violent criminals who are already ignoring existing gun laws in the first place. Instead, only law-abiding citizens will have to deal with the mess the AMA’s proposals would make, thus making it more difficult for citizens to defend themselves from armed attackers.

Let me ask the AMA this: Who would you rather see in your emergency room? A 22-year-old woman viciously attacked and unable to defend herself? Or a thug with five 9 mm bullet holes in him from when he tried to assault a 22-year-old woman?

Pro-tip: There’s only one right answer here.