VIDEO: 'Golden Gun' AR-10 Made Out Of Brass Casing

I’ve said before that one thing I wish we had more of these days is guns with some flare. I love my Glock, mind you, but my Glock looks just like pretty much everyone else’s Glock, and that’s not exactly a compliment in my mind. Sure, you can get some custom stippling or slide work done, but that’s outside of the price range for most of us.


One thing that I love about metal-frame firearms is the ability to at least swap out grips and make a gun of your own. It would allow you to personalize your firearm for a fraction of the cost of custom work.

However, nothing will compare with someone who has the technical know-how to do something really awesome. You know, stuff like making an AR-10 lower receiver out of brass casings.

First, let’s notice the disclaimer the creator felt obligated to include. And no, there’s not enough information to actually build a gun. There’s not really enough there to build the receiver, which is legally considered a gun.

However, it’s still pretty damn cool.

This same individual also apparently built an AR-pattern weapon out of soda cans. That’s probably a lot of cans, but it’s also interesting for another reason other than the materials involved.

One man was able to take items that can be found all over town, often in the form of litter, and turn them into a firearm. If someone can do that–and if you have the machining know-how, it’s not that difficult from my understanding–then what hope does gun control really have?

Yes, some states are banning people from making guns like this, so-called “ghost guns,” but a lot of other states aren’t. Even if they all did, however, so what? Again, as with all gun control laws, it will only limit the law abiding. It will only stop those who weren’t a problem in the first place.


You’re a fool, though, if you think only good people would have the technical expertise to reproduce things like this. I’ve known a few machinists in my time, and while at least one isn’t a particular fan of me personally, I can tell you that every one of them is a decent, law-abiding person. I’d be a fool to believe that’s universal, though.

Further, some hobbyists may well pick up this skill and be able to apply it for nefarious purposes.

But, for now, that’s not a concern for most states. Most seem to trust their law-abiding citizens will not be jackwagons with home-built firearms. And contrary to claims otherwise, there’s little indication that there’s an epidemic of these firearms being used in crimes.

Not that we can expect anti-gun zealots to look at this and not completely freak out. Then again, what would they know about a firearm that has style?

Just another reason for us to ignore anything they say. As if we actually need more reasons in the first place, right?

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