Hundreds Of Guns Stolen Out Of Nashville Cars

Last week, I wrote about how guns were being stolen out of the cars of Tennesse Highway Patrol. However, it seems that the THP aren’t the only ones having this issue.


Nashville police claim that 230 guns have been stolen out of cars throughout the city this year alone. Many of those cars were reportedly unlocked, making it simple for the criminals to gain access.

Folks, I’d like to believe that the average Bearing Arms reader is smarter than that. I’d like to, but I can’t just assume that, so let me lay out some quick thoughts.

First, don’t be an idiot. Lock your car doors. Seriously, I shouldn’t feel the need to tell grown people to lock their doors, especially when property crime is still so rampant all over this nation. While locking your doors won’t be a guarantee that no one will enter your vehicle illegally, it will help. Those who are just testing car doors will look elsewhere.

Second, don’t leave your gun in the car if at all possible. Having your gun on your person means it’s not in your car for someone to steal. This isn’t rocket science, folks.

Not only will having your gun on your person keep it from being stolen, but there’s also this handy little side benefit of having it on your person if you need it. I mean, having a gun on you is typically far better than having to run out to your car to get your firearm. When seconds count, your gun being behind a locked car door–you do lock your door, right?–is probably not something you really want to deal with.

Granted, you can’t always carry your gun. If I need to enter my kids’ schools, I have to disarm. I don’t like it, but it’s the law.


In that case, though, I make damn sure I have a door locked.

If you’re someone who finds themselves in that position regularly, perhaps a vehicle gun safe would be a wise investment. No, it won’t guarantee your gun will be safe from theft–after all, remember that some of the Tennessee Highway Patrol guns were taken out of locked boxes–but it’s another layer of protection.

You’ll never stop a determined criminal from making a play for the gun. All you can do is try to dissuade them from stealing your stuff. Yes, that might mean hitting someone else’s car or home, but you know what? That’s not your problem. That’s on someone else to make sure their property is as secured as humanly possible.

Folks, when we talk about being responsible gun owners, we mean far more than just keeping guns out of your kid’s hands when little Jimmy is running around and sticking everything in his mouth. We mean more than just making sure you know what you’re aiming at and otherwise being safe with your gun.

We’re also talking about taking steps to make sure you don’t arm criminals by being an idiot.

Take. Those. Steps.

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