Another Day, Another Prohibited Person Stockpiling Guns

Gun control advocates swear that gun control works. Of course, if they acknowledged gun control didn’t work, they probably wouldn’t be advocating for restrictions on people’s gun rights in the first place.


However, gun control advocates are so convinced that they are right they’ll argue until they’re blue in the face that gun control is needed to stem the tide of violent crime in the country.

Pro-gun activists typically counter with the fact that criminals still get their hands on guns and that gun laws only restrict the law-abiding.

However, unlike gun control activists, we can point to concrete examples, such as the California felon who had 500 guns.

We also have this guy:

Authorities found the guns while searching a unit Wednesday at Dreamer’s Self-Storage in Bethlehem Township. Police Captain Greg Gottschall says there were dozens of rifles and pistols inside, including many without serial numbers.

Investigators say they were led to the unit after someone selling a gun in California complained that the buyer didn’t pay.

Police say the buyer was a 23-year-old Bethlehem man who was prohibited from possessing firearms due to an undisclosed juvenile conviction.

In other words, a prohibited person was allegedly stockpiling weapons he couldn’t legally purchase. Granted, it’s a juvenile conviction which is treated differently than an adult felony, but apparently, Pennsylvania requires people to divulge that conviction when attempting to purchase a firearm.


However, if that’s the case and the man was purchasing firearms unlawfully, he apparently did a fair bit of it. Having fifty guns in a storage unit is… well, let’s just call it suspicious considering the circumstances.

The thing is, prohibited people are only prohibited from buying a gun if they try to do so within the rules. If you’re willing to operate outside of the rules, however, you can still do whatever you want.

The bad guys see guns as essential parts of their trade. They’ll do anything they can to obtain one. That’s the reason gun crime is such a problem in London, despite the supposed lack of guns. It’s because, as gun rights advocates have stated for years now, criminals don’t obey gun laws.

That’s apparently what happened here. It’s also what happens all over the country every day. Criminals get their hands on guns because they see them as necessary tools. Even those with no interest in robbing people still want them, often for personal defense. Go figure, right?

In this particular case, it’s possible that the man in question just didn’t realize he needed to disclose anything and made an honest mistake. I’m skeptical of that, though, mostly because so many people claim ignorance when they know what they are doing. I also can’t help but wonder if these were held in a storage unit because he knew he wasn’t supposed to have them.


To be sure, our gun laws are complicated, and people actually can run afoul of them without knowing they’re doing so. That’s not a good thing and should be addressed.

I’m just not ready to believe that’s what happened here.

Instead, I think we have another case of someone doing whatever they could to obtain firearms regardless of what the law said.

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