Disney 'Die-In' Canceled To Avoid Causing Trauma To Kids

The Parkland-inspired crowd doesn’t want anyone to dare to disagree with them. That’s why they staged a “die-in” in Publix recently, all because the grocery store chain sided with a pro-business politician who also sided with gun rights. In other words, you’re not allowed to disagree with them. At all.

However, they decided to take on a certain mouse recently. You know the one, the really famous mouse. In Orlando.

That’s right, they wanted to take on Disney.

Well, they’ve backed off on that one, citing concern about causing “trauma” to children.

Tourists planning a theme park trip don’t have to worry about trampling over sprawled out activists after all.

A “die-in” protest at a Walt Disney Co. property initially planned for June has been called off, a co-founder of the gun control advocacy group National Die In said Monday.

“People were saying ‘you’re going to traumatize children,’ ” said Nurah Abdulhaqq, a Georgia teen who helped start National Die In group. She added that the group feared a public backlash if it went forward with the protest.

The protest was originally designed to draw attention to Disney’s large donations to a political committee supporting Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, a Republican candidate for governor, over his support for the NRA and bills to ease gun laws.

Putnam has supported bills to allow concealed carry license holders to carry firearms on college campuses and to carry openly in public. Both bills were backed by the NRA but failed to make it into law. After a newspaper columnist called him an “NRA sellout” in 2017, he leaned into the insult saying he was a “proud NRA sellout,” upsetting many gun control activists.

Like those gun control activists were going to vote for Putnam anyway. Frankly, his decision to raise up his middle finger and invite them to kiss his posterior was probably a perfect political move. After all, the only people upset by that are the anti-gun zealots. Those who are agnostic on guns won’t care. His base will absolutely love it, though, and it’ll solidify support there.

As for the die in, I think the reality isn’t traumatizing children–they tend to go to the grocery store with their parents, after all–but the fact that they recognized that it probably wouldn’t work, Disney would forcibly remove them rather quickly, and they’d end up looking like idiots with absolutely nothing to show for their eventual arrests.

But taking this angle of attack, they can simply claim it was less effective than previous efforts.

Though, admittedly, it may have had a lot more to do with the fact that after attacking Publix, the chain suspended all contributions to political campaigns, including anti-gun candidates. In fact, it looks like the biggest winner in all this may well be Adam Putnam. Talk about a backfire.

It’s entirely possible that they realized this and decided to take a step back and decide it just wasn’t worth it to do even more to help Putnam. Which is kind of a shame, because if this crowd hates the guy, then I’m sure to like him.