GoFundMe Set To Raise Money To Arm Women

If you poke around the website GoFundMe, you’ll see where people are asking for money for all kinds of things. Expand that out to places like Kickstarter and you can find plenty more. My personal favorite is the guy who raised $55,000 to make potato salad.


However, there are often some pretty worthy causes out there as well.

This one might just be the most worthy:

I am a father, a husband, and a Navy veteran.  In 2013 I took part in an effort to help women living in high crime areas gain the means and training to defend themselves. It was called the Armed Citizen Project and was formed by Kyle Coplen. Based on mountains of research and an overwhelming consensus of law enforcement officers, military vets, and crime experts we believe the best way to help women is by empowering them to exercise their rights.

I now seek to help the women in Southern Illinois who are most vulnerable of becoming victims of violent crime. With your help I will assist 50 women in attaining 50 shotguns .

All recipients of self-defense weapons and training will undergo background checks and receive FOID (Firearm Owners Identification)  cards valid in the state of Illinois.

Help me serve the women of Southern Illinois.

As of this writing, they’ve only raised $520 of their $20,000 goal, but it’s also only been up a day. That’s not too shabby for right now.


Look, folks, here’s how I see it. Each and every one of us who is part of this site on a daily basis tends to maintain that armed people are less likely to be the victim of a crime. We acknowledge this as a simple fact, mostly because it is.

Most of us also know that women are far more likely to be targeted for violent crime. In other words, they’re the ones most likely to need a gun to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, many women aren’t in the position of buying a gun. This can be for a variety of reasons up to and including being a single mom or just a young woman still starting out in the world. Either way, I know the brains behind this and I can assure you, this won’t go toward arming people who don’t deserve help.

This is an opportunity for us, the firearm community, to show just how much we believe in this idea of armed people being safe people. We can help arm folks who would otherwise be left defenseless.

It doesn’t take all that much. Just a few dollars and you can help give the gift of self-defense. While the women who will receive these firearms have the right already, what they don’t have is the means to exercise that right. A right you can’t exercise is a bloody-well meaningless right in many people’s minds, so why not help the Second Amendment community expand while we help moms keep their families safer at night?


Yes, the fact that this will make Moms Demand Action’s collective heads explode is just a minor bonus. Really.

Alright, maybe it’s not that minor.

Edit: The organizer contacted me to let me know that there’s been a SNAFU. He got smacked by GoFundMe for violating the site’s terms of service. According to him, however, the fundraiser will be meticulously accounted for to make sure all funds are accounted for, but “funds still going to training, FOID fees and training material.” 

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