Utah Gun Exchange Traveling To Combat Parkland Kids' Nonsense

As the Parkland crowd travels around the nation, spewing nonsense on a topic they know absolutely nothing about and arguing purely based off of emotion, it’s important that they are confronted with the truth. Their supposed status as victims should not and does not protect them from criticism.


However, who has the time to travel around the country and smack down a bunch of kids and their BS?

Apparently, the Utah Gun Exchange does.

From Texas to New York to Utah, students continue to hold rallies and town halls calling for new gun regulations after repeated mass shootings. It is a political movement sparked by the massacre of 17 people at a Florida high school in February.

Now, an owner of a Utah online gun marketplace has taken the company’s military-style armored vehicle on the road, following these students and holding counter-rallies. That includes urging its members to attend a March for Our Lives town hall in Salt Lake County this weekend, which is led by some of the Parkland, Fla., victims.

Bryan Melchior, a co-owner of the Utah Gun Exchange, is now on the Gulf Coast in Florida, staging to attend town halls organized by the Parkland teenagers. So far the pro-gun group at these events has been limited to Melchior and his seven traveling companions, though they urge supporters to attend any event intended to push for new gun restrictions.

It seems the truck was pulled over in both New York and Chicago, while a police officer in Georgia just wanted a closer look.

Melchoir describes his law enforcement encounters as a violation of his civil rights.

It seems the encounter in Georgia didn’t count as such. In fact, that officer got a t-shirt and apparently signed the truck. The other two, however, was another ball game entirely.

As for New York and Chicago, Melchoir comparing them to the treatment a black man would have received in the South back in the day, well… he’s not wrong. Police officers up that way tend to take a dim view on gun ownership, in part due to the laws that are already in place and the constant push to get people to buy that gun control works.


The thing is, police in those areas often tend to be gun grabbers themselves for that very reason. They often don’t know any better, but they don’t want to know any better either.

Melchior represents someone trying to challenge that idea, and gun grabbers don’t like that. They want to shut that down. Hard.

Meanwhile, the Utah Gun Exchange truck is continuing to combat the idiotic spewings of anti-gunners who are clinging desperately to their 15 minutes of fame by trying to destroy a sacred and constitutionally protected right. Frankly, Utah Gun Exchange is doing God’s work on this one.

It’s just a shame they’ve had to deal with the anti-gun nonsense from police of all people. Such is life for people who live in that part of the country, though. It’s why we can’t abandon any battleground when it comes to gun rights.

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