Australian Tragedy Proves It Will Never Be Enough For Gun Grabbers

When you talk to a gun control activists, they may well point to another country and tell you how that country is doing it right. One popular choice is Australia. After a mass shooting, Australia went after guns hard, making sweeping gun control laws that completely revamped how the country looked at firearms.


However, it hasn’t stopped tragedies from happening there.

Another recent tragedy in the Land Down Under has their own brand of gun control activists demanding lawmakers examine laws currently in place.

ANGER is mounting over laws which allowed a murderous Sydney dad to legally purchase two powerful handguns — one of which he used to kill his two children in a sickening home attack.

Almost 10,000 Australians have signed a petition which calls for a “full-scale” review of gun laws after the July 5 shooting in which John Edwards killed his children 15-year-old Jack and 13-year-old Jennifer in West Pennant Hills in the city’s west before returning to his home and killing himself.

The 68-year-old financial planner, who was involved in a custody battle over the children with his estranged wife Olga Edwards, was able to join St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre. He then obtained a firearms licence and permit before legally buying two high-powered firearms.

This week, Gun Control Australia’s (GCA) petition to make sweeping changes to ensure this can’t happen again has received backing from thousands.

“As the law currently stands, when a person applies for a firearm licence or permit to acquire additional firearms, the spouse of the applicant does not need to be notified or consulted, even when a family law matter has commenced in the courts and there has been previous history of threats and fear,” the petition reads.

“If the law had required police to notify and consult with Olga Edwards before approving Mr Edwards’ application for a firearm, then his firearm application could have been denied.”


In other words, there is virtually nothing that will ever be enough for these people.

Don’t get me wrong, what happened was awful. As a father myself, I can’t imagine what kind of person would murder their own children, especially due to a divorce proceeding.

However, that also doesn’t mean others should be punished because of his insanity.

Take a look at the bolded suggestion. They want to make an estranged wife capable of blocking someone from buying a gun, simply on their word? What if that law were in place, but the spouse consulted is the true danger? The wife says, “Oh, no, he’s threatened to murder me. Please don’t let him have a gun,” to the authorities, who then block the purchase, but then she goes and kills her estranged husband who doesn’t have the means of self-defense.

If you’re going to apply the law equally, what about the woman who wants to buy a gun to protect herself from her abusive partner, who then blocks the sale and commits murder?

Honestly, it’s not rocket science here.

But for gun control activists, it will never be enough. So long as anyone has access to guns, there will be a gun control movement and they will continue to push to make it more difficult for us to defend ourselves. Make no mistake on that. Whenever some gun control zealot starts telling you, “We just want…” you need to understand one thing. They’re lying. It’ll never be “just” that.


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