A Clarification On Doctors And Guns

Recently, I took some serious issue with doctors who focus on the topic of guns. There’s a reason, of course. The American Medical Association, an organization that many think speaks for the medical community as a whole or, at the very least, all doctors, has been beating the anti-gun drum for quite some time, and it’s ticking me off.


However, a doctor recently reached out to me and took issue with my comments. You see, it appeared to him and a few other physicians that I believe all doctors are anti-gun, at least in that post.

Because of that, I want to take a moment to clarify a few things.

In that post linked above, I argue that my ownership of a gun isn’t a doctor’s business. As a general rule, I stand by that. I don’t want my doctor, who may or may not know the first thing about firearms, to lecture me on the “evils” of having a gun in the house. As I said, it’s none of their business.

There are times that change, of course.

If I or someone in my family is suicidal or, God forbid, homicidal, it matters. It makes sense for a doctor to ask if guns in the home are secured. Suggesting that weapons are kept away from the family member in question makes sense too. Those are within the framework of what a doctor needs to do.

The reality is that doctors run the same gamut as folks in any other profession. There are some who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about firearms, who shoot for fun and sport. There are also those who probably aren’t quite sure which bit is the dangerous end. Again, just like most anyone else.


I’m bothered by the fact that anyone read that post and thought I believed all doctors are somehow anti-gun. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve encountered far too many pro-gun doctors through the years. The idea that I may have implied otherwise, even accidentally, is upsetting.

Unfortunately, I may have also fallen into a bit of a trap. When I blast “doctors,” I mean those who side with the AMA on their cockamamie anti-gun nonsense. That’s on me and no one else, of course.

The truth of the matter is that all pro-gunners need to stand together. While the anti-gunners’ momentum has pretty much ground to a halt, that doesn’t mean we can relax. We need to all stand together, and I’d hate to think that I did something to push away an important part of the firearm community, the pro-gun physician.

To those who were upset, I offer my apologies. I certainly wasn’t talking about you guys or blasting you guys by any stretch. While I maintain whether I own a gun or not is generally none of your business, same as your ownership of a firearm is none of mine, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that you are anti-gun or anything of the sort. I also understand there are times when yes, you do talk to your patients about guns and with you guys, I have no issues.


As for some of your colleagues, though…well, you’re pro-gun. You know what I mean.

Again, my bad for any negative implications to you guys. I’m happy to have you standing this line with me.

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