Man Attempts To Kidnap Girl, Victim's Sister, Friends Fights Back With Hot Coffee

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Your kids are out and about because you need to give them some space, but someone wants to take advantage of that. They follow your daughters and then try to snatch one of them.


Entire movies are built around this premise, this nightmare scenario.

However, one Michigan family is fortunate. When this situation started to play out, the victim’s sister went to war to protect her younger sibling from the predator.

A Michigan man who police say attempted to kidnap a girl got a surprise of his own: a fight and a cup of hot coffee in his face.

Four girls, aged 11 to 14, bought drinks on Friday night from a gas station in Millington, Michigan, and they noticed a man following them, according to CNN affiliate WJRT. They fled to a well-lit store across the street and then fought to save one of the girls in the group.

The man grabbed the youngest, an 11-year-old girl, in front of the Dollar General Store, according to Millington police.

“He said, ‘You’re coming with me.’ And like, he grabbed my face,” 11-year-old Allison Eickhoff told WJRT. “This cannot be happening. I thought it was a test at first, but then I’m like, ‘This is real.'”

Allison’s sister had screamed moments earlier, trying to warn her. The 13-year-old used what she had in hand to fight the man off.

“I grabbed my drink and chucked it at his head. I tried, I punched him in the head,” Lauren Eickhoff told WJRT, adding that she was holding a hot cup of coffee.

The other two girls got involved as well, with the oldest friend attacking the man, according to WJRT. Once the man let go of Allison, he turned his attention to the 14-year-old.


His plight didn’t improve one bit. The girls continued to battle back until the man let go.

They then fled to a nearby restaurant and called the police.

Bruce Hipkins, 22, has been charged with kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment as well as two counts of criminal sexual conduct and assault and battery. Plus, if convicted, he gets to go to prison as the guy who got his butt handed to him by a group of school girls. Yeah, that’s going to make life on the yard interesting.

There’s an important lesson here, and that’s the importance of fighting back.

While we here at Bearing Arms are adamant about the need for firearms as the most effective tool for fighting back, it’s not an option for everyone. For a group of teenage girls, for example. But that doesn’t mean people who find themselves in a horrible situation like this shouldn’t fight back. They should fight back with whatever they have.

And, let’s face it, hot coffee to the face will do the trick in a whole lot of cases.

These girls fought back, and they fought back ferociously. They didn’t accept that their opponent was older and bigger than them. They refused to back down and meekly accept the horrible fate ahead of the young girl. Like I said earlier, they went to war.


Remember that if you ever need to fight back against an attacker. A group of teen girls could do it. So can you.

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