Montreal Calls For Ban On Private Ownership Of Handguns, Assault Weapons

Montreal Calls For Ban On Private Ownership Of Handguns, Assault Weapons

Canadians don’t have our Second Amendment. While the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right that everyone on the planet should be able to enjoy, most countries have never really bothered to codify it the way our Founding Fathers did. As a result, we were forced to watch helplessly as gun owners saw more and more of those rights restricted. After all, without some version of the Second Amendment, there was nothing to protect those rights.

Yet Canada has a whole lot of guns per capita, despite that. They were occasionally held up as evidence that you didn’t need the Second Amendment and that those of us who feared total confiscation of guns were out of our minds.

Yeah, right.

It seems another city in the Great White North has joined the chorus calling for a handgun ban after a mass shooting in Toronto.

In a unanimous vote, Montreal city council adopted a motion Monday calling on the federal government to impose a nationwide ban on the possession of handguns and assault weapons.

“Too often we see assault weapons that were made to kill people in the hands of people who have no business owning such a weapon,” said councillor Alex Norris, who is chair of the city’s public security committee and who presented the motion.

“To put an end to this, we need bans that are clear and precise to reduce the number of these lethal weapons that are circulating in our society.”

Montreal’s motion demands that no Canadians be allowed to possess a handgun or assault rifle, with the exception of people who work in the military or law enforcement.

It states that violent gun crime in Canada has risen 33 per cent from 2013 to 2016, and of those incidents, 60 per cent involved a handgun.

It also lists Quebec’s mass shootings that were carried out with an assault rifle or handgun: the École polytechinuqe shooting in 1989, the Concordia University shooting in 1992, the Dawson College shooting in 2006 and the Quebec City mosque shooting in 2017.

Montreal’s motion calls on Ottawa to strengthen its gun-control bill, C-71, which was tabled in March.

You see? It’s not that they haven’t banned just about everything, it just that they haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Gun grabbers are never done until they’ve gotten them all. Right now, they want to get the so-called “assault weapons” and the handguns, but tomorrow it’ll be the pump-action shotguns and “sniper rifles.”

Nothing less than a total ban will make them stop pushing for more, but they know they won’t get a total ban. Not yet, anyway.

So like the old saying about boiling a frog, they’re turning the heat up just a bit more slowly, so the poor frogs don’t realize what’s happening.

But we do. We can see it plain as day, and we had to know it was happening.

Yes, it’s up there and not down here, but the right to keep and bear arms is a human right, not an American right, so I have a problem with any abridgment of that right anywhere on the planet.

Plus, let’s face it, it’s not like these hair-brain schemes and justifications will stay north of the border.