Another Day, Another Company Severs Ties With Firearm Industry

Once upon a time, companies didn’t think about cutting off customers. Not really.

Most companies understand that there aren’t enough customers out there where you can afford to shut out an entire segment of the population. You want to have as many customers as possible, and that means treating them well and not alienating them. Or, at least it did.

Today, companies are not just willing to alienate whole swaths of their potential customer base, but now seem to be actively shunning customers simply because of politics.

Second Call Defense serves tens of thousands of America’s gun owners. They provide support, including legal insurance to those who lawfully use their firearms to defend innocent life from criminal attack. Now, however, Second Call has joined the ranks of gun-related companies that have been victimized by corporate gun control bigots.

Without any notice to Second Call, their insurance administrator, AmWINS, mailed certified letters to all of Second Call’s members. Inside, a “Notice of Nonrenewal of Insurance” informing members that their policies would not renew in October. In one Guns Save Life member’s case, that meant his coverage would terminate on 10/13/2018.

Insurance administrators handle the transaction processing, billing and other tasks. And in this case, AmWINS no longer has the backs of Second Call’s members or Second Call Defense.

“They [AmWINS] just decided they were not going to offer this anymore in today’s political environment,” Marquet told me. He said Second Call’s leadership had no idea of AmWINS’ decision until their members began calling with questions and concerns.

The Truth About Guns reports that Second Call was caught off guard by AmWINS’s decision. Especially since they bypassed Second Call and sent the notice directly to the customers.

Here’s the problem with this, though. While AmWINS is free to do business or not do business with anyone it wants, its stunt is just the latest salvo as anti-gun companies try to hurt the firearm industry by denying them services, often services they’ve been providing for years prior without any issue.

This is contributing to the increasing divisiveness in this country. It’s a kind of economic civil war, where soon companies will have to openly wear their allegiances on their sleeves so customers can pick and choose based on politics and not price. It’s sad, but this is a precedent that will probably soon become the norm.

And the Left will, undoubtedly, become outraged when its preferred groups can’t open bank accounts or get other services they need. I mean, look at how they react over a freaking wedding cake.

But somehow this is acceptable? Well, yeah, but only because these are companies involved in the firearm industry. In other words, it’s hypocrisy. It’s fine to do this to your opponents, but if it happens to you? Whoa, Nelly.

The thing is, it will happen to them. They’re creating lines in business that shouldn’t exist. Once they’re there, however, they’re not going to be a one-way street. They’re going to feel this themselves, and when they do, I’ll be enjoying the schadenfreude.

In the meantime, though, we all need to be careful of which businesses we align with, just in case.