California Shooting Spree Claims Five Lives, Killer Commits Suicide

For all the attention on mass shootings this year, there’s another kind of vile phenomenon we tend to forget about. That’s the spree killing. That’s when someone with a similar mentality to a mass shooter goes on a rampage, only he doesn’t confine his evil to one location.


Such an event happened last night in California which claimed the lives of five people before the killer turned the gun on himself.

Six people, including the gunman, were dead following a shooting spree in Bakersfield, California, on Wednesday that authorities believe was an act of domestic violence, Kern County sheriff’s officials said.

It was not clear why the man went on the rampage, but there may be a connection between the shooter and the victims — all described as adults, Sheriff Donny Youngblood told reporters.

The gunman shot himself as at least one law enforcer approached him, Youngblood said.

Sheriff’s officials said there were multiple crime scenes, including at the trucking business and near a gun seller called Bear Mountain Sports. The area of the shooting spree was in unincorporated Bakersfield, which is patrolled by the sheriff’s department.

Youngblood said detectives believe the gun store is not connected to the spree. A victim happened to be in the area and was chased around the building before being shot, he said.

Of course, this is impossible. California has the strictest gun control policies in the country. There’s absolutely no way something like this could happen.


I mean, pretty much every item on the wishlist for gun grabbers in the United States already exists in California, and what did those laws do to save these five lives? Two things: Jack and Squat.

Granted, right now things are still up in the air. We know very little about this crime or the motivations behind it. What we do know is that this is yet another senseless act of violence perpetrated by someone who clearly wasn’t right in the head, but what we can be sure it will be blamed on guns soon enough.

We all know it’s coming.

In the meantime, we’ll offer our thoughts and prayers for those slain and their families, despite the fact that anti-gunners routinely spit on those gestures as meaningless. It doesn’t matter, though. We’ll offer them because it’s the right and decent thing to do.

Frankly, the gun grabbers should be offering their thoughts and prayers, but they won’t.

Instead, the only religious offering they’ll provide is a willingness to offer a sacrifice of more of our Second Amendment rights on the altar of authoritarianism.


Look, this was a crime. A crime that took place in a state known for the strictest gun control policies in the nation. Let’s start looking at how to combat actual crime for a change–especially horrific ones like this–so we can make weapon availability irrelevant. If you have a society of law-abiding people, you can arm them all with freaking rocket launchers and never have a problem.

But if you give a violent thug a rock, he can still kill someone with it.

What happened last night in California is awful, but it’s also evidence that gun control doesn’t stop crimes.

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