VIDEO: California Gun Show Put On Ice After Anti-Gun Outrage

The annual Crossroads of the West gun show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds has been going on for decades. It’s never really been a problem, until the past few years when anti-gun activists began targetting it.


Now, the show has been put on hold for at least a year and may not be permitted to return.


The 22nd Agricultural Board voted 8-1 on Tuesday to postpone adding future shows in the Del Mar Fairgrounds until after the end of the year as it reviews the contract with the Crossroads of the West gun show, which has called the venue its home for the past three decades. Board member Richard Valdez said they received input from several in the community including those in Del Mar, Encinitas, and Solana Beach, and the board will weigh having guns present at future events past the two scheduled for later this year.

“The recommendation is to prohibit the presence of the guns on the fairgrounds, consistent with every other event, consistent with state law, that the guns will not be allowed on the fairgrounds premises, by folks who attend, by vendors,” Valdez said.

Targeted by local activists for the past several years, gun show organizers hold they run a legal show and meet all requirements and mandates. Local Second Amendment groups have presented the fairgrounds operators with thousands of signed petitions urging them to keep the gun show intact.

“The 22nd Agricultural Board has voted to institute a moratorium on the gun show for one year while they ‘consider the feasibility’ of holding a gun show with no guns,” noted San Diego County Gun Owners, who support the event. “The sale of firearms will still be allowed, but guns will not be allowed to present. In effect, not allowing the presence of firearms at the gun show will kill the Del Mar Gun Show.”


A news report of the situation bears some watching so you can see the mentality involved here.

First, a woman complaining about guns entering the community. Now, bear in mind that FFL holders who sell at gun shows have to conduct background checks like if they were at a gun store. This woman is concerned about law-abiding people buying guns.

Either that or she’s a complete moron who bought into the idea that there is a “gun show loophole” in existence.

The gentleman who argued that there wasn’t really a compromise is right. The pro-gun side is being forced to give up a great deal while the anti-gun side is giving up remarkably little. That’s the way anti-gunners work, though. When they push legislation and talk about compromise, they aren’t giving up anything. They’re just getting a little less than they want. We are the poor bastards giving things up.

Just like with the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Anti-gunners in the community feel like they’ve won some great victory, but what they’ve done is shown themselves for what they really are. They can claim they want “common sense gun laws” and all that, but they despise guns and want no one having access to them. It wasn’t enough for the gun show to comply with the law. Its very existence was the problem, and now they’re getting their way.


Oh, the board may come back in a year and be willing to sign another contract, but the damage is done. Granted, I don’t see that happening. I suspect that if the board bowed to pressure, then it’ll keep bowing to it.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been to a gun show without any guns there. It was the dumbest gun show I ever attended, and I haven’t been to one hosted by that outfit since.

Just something to think about.

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