UC-Berkeley Police Asked Not To Use Restrooms So As To Not Trigger Students

UC-Berkeley Police Asked Not To Use Restrooms So As To Not Trigger Students

If there’s one place on Earth you’d go to see the dumbest ideas imaginable put into practice, I’d probably tell you it’s UC-Berkeley. Perhaps the most liberal school in the country, it’s a perfect convergence of liberalism and ivory tower elitism. It’s the kind of place that is convinced that idiotic ideas will not only work but will flourish.


The latest bit of evidence for that assertion? They want campus police to not use restrooms on campus because it triggers students.

Yes. Really.

A redacted email to Chancellor Carol Christ from an unidentified “security patrol officer” was published by the Young America’s Foundation Monday, obtained through a public-records request.

The email is dated Sept. 28, 2017, and the context is last year’s “Free Speech Week” activities headlined by anti-feminist provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. A YAF spokesperson told The College Fix the conservative group filed the request in April 2017 and “just recently” received the email, among other documents it’s still reviewing.

The officer is not identified by gender in the email, but YAF’s Monday post says it’s a male. (His name and email handle are redacted, but the Berkeley.edu domain is intact.)

The 25-year veteran said he and his colleagues had “never been treated with such disrespect and disregard” as they were during Free Speech Week.

They were using a ballroom to rest and eat in the student union building, and it was “completely understandable” when they were asked to use an external stairwell to get in and out of the ballroom, so as not to disrupt student activities.

What was “offensive and unacceptable” was when they were asked to “not to use any restrooms” in the building, “as it was upsetting some students,” he said. (The officer’s email is phrased in the passive tense, and does not give any clue as to who made these requests, even as general as building staff or student activists.)


Honestly, it doesn’t matter who made the request. Berkeley is one of those places where, as we’ve seen in the past, if the outrage mob that passes for a student body there demands it, the administration will capitulate.

But this is taking things too far. Way too far.

The presence of campus police on campus is “upsetting” to some students? Well, grow the hell up, buttercup. Police are a fact of life, and once you’re out of college, no one will defend your idea that police shouldn’t use certain restrooms. Yeah, you might throw a hissy if they use the bathroom at the Starbucks you’re working at–and you know a lot of these Berkely students are destined to become lifelong baristas–but beyond that, you’re slap out of luck.

Only the most idiotic anti-cop morons would even think of asking police officers not to use restrooms in a building because it’s upsetting to students who would probably get upset by the sun rising in the East.

Frankly, calling it “offensive and unacceptable” is far kinder than I would have called it had I been the one discussing it with the chancellor.

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