Police Ask Parents Not To Purchase This Cell Phone Case

These days, we live in…shall we say a “charged” environment. It seems like everyone is constantly on edge; like we’re living in a powder keg and just about everyone seems to be looking for a match.


Because of that, there are certain things that we probably shouldn’t do, especially if it’s something that might result in someone getting shot over nothing. Frankly, no one wants that in the least.

That’s probably why police are asking parents to refrain from making a particular purchase.

Authorities are asking parents not to purchase a specific cell phone case that looks like a weapon.

The San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association posted the photo Monday of a cell phone case very much resembling a gun in someone’s back pocket.

“Although a novelty, it will create unwanted scrutiny from law enforcement or whoever uses it,” authorities said.

Not only that, if someone reaches for it the wrong way, it could result in a police officer think the person is going for a gun. Guess how that one will pan out.

Ever. Single. Time.

Now, I like the idea of guns being such a common sight that no one bats an eye over them. Yes, I say that as someone who favors concealed carry over open carry, but that’s due to tactical considerations. If everyone was carrying openly, I’d probably feel a little differently about it, just to be honest.

Yet we’re not there and we’re not even close to being there.  Because of that, someone with a cell phone case like this one is likely to get a lot of attention. Not just from law enforcement, but from the handful of anti-gun morons who seem to think a displayed firearm is sufficient grounds for them to physically attack you.


No, they won’t be justified in doing so, but how much consolation will that be if your sprawled out on the floor, bleeding, all because some dipstick thought you had a gun and wanted to be a hero to the anti-gun left?

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? How does someone make something like this and not think, “You know, this looks an awful lot like there’s a gun in that there pocket. That might be a bad thing.” at some point during the process? How?

Look, they have a right to sell it. I’m not about to call for a ban on this, no matter how stupid an idea I happen to find it. But that doesn’t mean I approve of it. This is a classic case of someone spending so much time wondering if they could, they didn’t stop to think about whether or not they should.

Well, good job, guys.

Keep in mind also that this alert comes from California, a state not known for having a sense of humor when it comes to firearms. It really is just a matter of time before someone gets hurt because of something stupid like this.

When it does happen, though, expect the parents to scream about police brutality rather than the fact that they permitted their sweet, innocent baby to walk around with something that looks like a semi-automatic pistol sticking out of their pants.

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