Another Week, Another Example Of Hypocrisy Among The Elites

For some reason, the media wants to hang on the every word celebrities utter. It’s as if they believe that because they are an athlete or performer with significant skill, they are equally skilled in all other things. They seem to give these people a platform from which they can spread their political opinions far and wide, yet never bother to even ask how well these celebrities even understand the issue.


When it comes to guns, it’s particularly insidious.

After all, with fame comes wealth in most cases. Sure, you can be famous and broke, but that’s not how it usually works. Because of that wealth, though, celebrities have the ability to hire professional security, men with guns who will keep their employers safe and sound. At the same time, though, they espouse opinions on guns.

The latest example of this? NBA superstar LeBron James.

NBA star LeBron James loves his family, naturally enough. And when bad guys recently targeted them, he took steps to keep them safe. Specifically, the Los Angeles Lakers dribbler brought in some heavy-duty firepower – a whole team of armed guards. He’s taking “every possible measure” to protect his loved ones, as would anyone.

Meanwhile, as far as the little people are concerned, LeBron says “there is no room for guns.”  And he wants to increase penalties for carrying firearms – “legal or illegal.”

Incredibly, even Chicago’s anti-gun priest, Father Michael Pfleger, has armed guards. Of course, Pfleger claims he has no armed bodyguards. Yet despite Pfleger’s prevarications, one of his favorite bodyguards caught was arrested for carrying a gun without a license not long ago. Right on the steps of Fr. Pfleger’s church.

If anti-gunners didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.


I couldn’t agree more.

People like James can afford to hire professionals. They can afford to outsource their personal safety.

Most of us can’t.

When people like James advocate for more gun control, they’re seeking to make it impossible for us to take our safety in our own hands. We can’t hire bodyguards like LeBron can, just like we have to clean our own homes, cook our own food, or any number of other tasks a rich professional athlete can afford that the rest of us can’t.

We have guns because we take our family’s safety seriously as well. We don’t have his millions so we have to do it ourselves.

But James wants to deny us that ability. It offends his sensibilities, so he wants to make it impossible for us to provide our families with even a fraction of the protection his family has. For all the left’s railing about “privilege” in recent years, they ignore this prime example because it’s from one of their own.

There’s a reason we’re getting sick of people like Lebron James.

The guy can play some basketball. I’ll grant him that. He’s a shoe-in to the Hall of Fame and will be mentioned for generations as one of the greats. I have no doubt of that. But skill with a basketball doesn’t mean he has a damn clue about anything else. As a result, I see no reason to take any of his statements about gun control as anything other than rank hypocrisy.


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