Texas Gun Range Bans Men For 'Gun To Head' Selfie

Last week, I reported on the video making the rounds of the two men who tried to pose for a selfie with one of the men holding a firearm to the head of the other. The man with the gun was abruptly put in his place by the range safety officer. It was a prime example of not just how stupid some people can be, but just how important a good range safety officer can be.

Well, now it seems that the range this happened at has decided that they don’t want a repeat.

A gun range in Houston has banned two men after one of them held a gun to the other’s head in an ill-conceived photo op.

Top Gun Range posted security footage of the Oct. 5 incident to Facebook on Wednesday in the hope that it “could be a valuable training tool.”

One of the customers brought his own gun into the range for him and his friend to shoot, the business wrote online. The two were given a breakdown of safety protocols.

The video shows one of the men holding the gun, which reportedly was not loaded, close to his chest and near his face as he takes a selfie with his cell phone.

As the man next to him appears to grab something from the counter the man holding the firearm aims the gun at his friend’s head, still while seemingly taking photos of himself.

By now, you’ve either seen the video or at least heard about it. If not, click the first link in this post. It’ll take you right there.

The range’s actions are perfectly understandable.

Gun safety isn’t something any range wants to play with. Even if you don’t want to think about the political ramifications of someone being shot on the range, there’s the reality that such an event would likely shut the whole operation down. People don’t want to go someplace where something that traumatic has happened.

Deeper, though, is the fact that absolutely none of us want to witness a stupid accident like that. Let’s make no mistake, either; it was stupid. It’s not an intelligent act to hold a firearm up to someone else’s head. Especially with a finger on the trigger.

Honestly, the fact that these guys were banned may help keep them from doing anything so stupid again.

“But the one guy didn’t do anything. It was the other guy who held the gun up,” I’ve heard stated, but I have to disagree. He stood there. He allowed his buddy to put a gun to his head for a stupid selfie. He just stood there, which makes him complicit in the stupidity.

As a result, both are banned, and both deserve it.

Hell, can you imagine the anti-gunners going nuts if that idiocy had resulted in a shooting? They’d have a field day with it, and I think we all know that too. Luckily, all they get is a story about how two people were stupid, and the responsible firearm community is coming down on them hard for that level of dumb.