Gun Store's Political Banner Vandalized

Politics has never been a fun thing for most folks for some time. After all, there are a few topics you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company and politics tends to top the list.


However, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be permitted to talk politics at all. This is especially true at gun stores, which are a little political just by existing. After all, how many people exist in politics for the express purpose of shutting down gun stores?

So it’s not surprising that a Houston, Texas gun store decided to put out a banner with an ostensibly political message.

In this day and age, however, it shouldn’t be surprising that someone decided to vandalize it.

Danny Clark, owner of Collectors Firearms, recently put up two political banners outside of his Southwest Houston business.

The banners read, “Trump says if you vote for Beto … You will be deported without your guns!”

“We put it up as more as kind of just poking fun at the entire deal,” Clark said.

On Sunday, an unidentified man was caught on surveillance camera vandalizing the banners.

On the video, you see him slash one banner from top to bottom before walking away and moving onto the next one.

A security guard ran the vandal off before he could do any more damage.


The vandalism was carried out in broad daylight, but the store was able to repair the banner with tape. Still, it’s not overly shocking that someone would resort to this kind of thing. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when a GOP candidate in Minnesota was assaulted in a restaurant so severely he got a concussion.

Compared to that, this is a walk in the park.

Unfortunately, the anti-gun partisans are becoming more emboldened. They feel perfectly safe vandalizing private property because they believe their cause is so righteous that anything they do is justified. This “ends justify the means” line of thinking creates all kinds of problems for a civilized society. It allows people to believe anything else they do is acceptable because of their supposed moral superiority. It’s okay to kill someone because they think the wrong way, for example.

What’s truly frightening is that this act of vandalism isn’t even a drop in the bucket compared to what many are experiencing, at least in part due to having a pro-gun stance. Our political allies are being attacked, harassed, and abused at every turn, all to intimidate them into siding with the progressive agenda. That includes gun control.


When violence is considered political discourse, as many aligned with Antifa seem to believe, vandalism is nothing.

The gun store in question can move on because it wasn’t a particularly significant act of vandalism. It was someone reacting at the spur of the moment most likely, someone who pulled out a knife and started slashing. Since they got a good image of the man’s face, I sincerely hope he’s apprehended and punished for his crime soon.

But, at the end of the day, what will it change? It seems the radical anti-gun crowd isn’t worried about a little jail time and they’re not afraid to get violent.

What they don’t get is that this only ends one way, and we’re the ones who are armed.

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