Does NC Shooting Continue Gun Debate, Or Prove Something Else?

While it wasn’t the most high-profile killing, it’s still tragic.

A party-barn out in the middle of nowhere, an altercation led to gunfire, and a young woman is dead because of it.

For some, it’s also a beacon. It’s a call to action, an opportunity to try and advance a gun control agenda in a state that normally isn’t big on infringing on the Second Amendment.

That’s precisely what’s happening in North Carolina, at least to some degree. After all, that’s sure the spin the University of North Carolina’s student newspaper is trying to put on it.

The incident took place on Oct. 28 at a party barn off of Mill Creek Road in Cedar Grove where approximately 150 people were on site by the time police arrived on scene. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office estimates there were 300 or more people in attendance before their arrival.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, an altercation between patrons at the barn led to several gunshots fired in the area.

Rashiya Melton was shot in the head and airlifted to UNC Hospitals, where she was treated for life-threatening injuries. Melton died at UNC Hospitals the next day.

Rebecca Ceartas, executive director at North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, said that while gun ownership should not be totally restricted, certain regulatory laws are necessary.

“I do believe that enforcing our current laws and enacting needed new laws will make us safer,” Ceartas said. “We don’t think that guns should be gotten rid of altogether, but we do believe people who should not have guns have no business either owning a gun or carrying a gun concealed.”

After you parse through that word salad, you can see that Ceartas doesn’t like guns very much.

However, there’s something she left out of the discussion, something that’s pretty relevant. You see, the shooter was already someone who wasn’t supposed to be able to get a gun.

One suspect in the shooting, Xzavier D’Andre Gibson, was taken into custody on Oct. 30. Gibson was charged with one count of murder, one count of possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of violation of probation.

In other words, he was already barred from owning a gun. There was no way for him to purchase a firearm legally, yet he still allegedly had one that night. He had one, and he used it, despite all the laws in the world that made his every action illegal.

So what would Ceartas call for?

I mean, while I don’t live in North Carolina, I’d imagine that no one wants things like this to happen, so how about Ceartas not offer up vague platitudes and instead give us something real to work with. Just what does she think it will take to stop these kinds of things from happening?

Of course, you and I already know that Ceartas won’t offer up anything other than measures that restrict North Carolinians’ rights while doing nothing to stop the criminals who are already skirting the law.

That’s what they do.

But what it proves is that gun grabbers will use any tragedy to advance their agenda, regardless of the actual facts on the ground.