Home AR Builds In Danger From New House Bill

Building an AR-15 is something a lot of people like to do. They enjoy getting their hands in there and taking a bag of parts and assembling a fully-functional rifle. Some especially enjoy taking a receiver that’s less than 80 percent complete and using that to build their gun. It feels good to assemble a weapon that you didn’t have to get the government’s permission to buy.

Well, if you enjoy that, think you might enjoy it, or just don’t like busy-body gun grabbers telling you what you can or can’t do, then it’s time to dig in and get ready for a fight.

After the midterm elections, we knew Democrats would use their newly minted majority in the House to try and push for gun control, but it looks like they’re not even waiting for that majority to officially step into power.

Last week I-1639 passed in Washington State. Soon it might be the passage of H.R. 7115 in the US House, the so-called 3D Firearms Prohibition Act.

What is H.R. 7115, really? I’m glad you asked. The opening text is as follows, but you can find the full text here:

To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes.

And check out Section 3:

SEC. 3. Prohibition of advertising do-it-yourself assault weapons.

(a) In general.—It shall be unlawful to market or advertise, on any medium of electronic communications, including over the Internet, for the sale of any of the following:

(1) A firearm receiver casting or firearm receiver blank or unfinished handgun frame that—

(A) at the point of sale does not meet the definition of a firearm in section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code; and

(B) after purchase by a consumer, can be completed by the consumer to the point at which such casting or blank functions as a firearm frame or receiver for a semiautomatic assault weapon or machinegun or the frame of a handgun.

(2) An assault weapon parts kit.

(3) A machinegun parts kit.

H.R. 7115 was introduced on November 2, 2018 and sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., a Democrat from New Jersey for “himself, Mr. Sires, Ms. Norton, Mr. Cárdenas, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Pascrell, Ms. Schakowsky, Mr. Hastings, Ms. Clarke of New York, Mr. Carbajal, Mr. Soto, Mr. McGovern, Ms. Kelly of Illinois, and Mr. Rush).” It has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on the Judiciary.

This marks the end of several hobbies within the firearm community, including building Polymer 80 handguns, AR builds, AK builds, frankly any build.

Anti-gun politicians don’t like homebuilt firearms because it means they have no control over who is armed and what they’re armed with. They ignore the fact that criminals have been getting guns for as long as there have been guns. They ignore the fact that they don’t know who has what in the first place. They think they can legislate us into safety, and they can’t.

However, The Truth About Guns’ Kat Ainsworth points out that the language is rather vague, which means far more could be accomplished by passing this bill than proponents will likely claim. For example, the definition given for an “assault weapons parts kit” is:

the term “assault weapon parts kit” means any part or combination of parts designed and intended to enable a consumer who possesses all such necessary parts to assemble a semiautomatic assault weapon;

Any part or combination of parts. A trigger is a part that, when a consumer has all the other required parts, can be used to assemble a semi-automatic rifle.

In other words, it’s not impossible to see this law as a potential ban on all part sales. After all, if you purchase enough individual parts, you can assemble a rifle. I mean, I’m not a lawyer, but one thing I’ve learned is that if I can figure out a way that a law can be expanded through interpretation, a gun-grabbing politician can sure as hell do the same.

This has been introduced, and I firmly believe that the new Democratic-controlled House will try to push it through. Call your congressional representatives now. Tell them to vote against it.

Otherwise, this is just the beginning.