Governor-Elect Kemp Promises To Expand Gun Rights

Stacey Abrams has finally abandoned her efforts to snatch the election for governor of Georgia from Brian Kemp. She had all the advantages one could want, but she still came up short.


That was followed by a campaign of legal action designed to try and bully the state into declaring her the winner, complete with claims of racism and voter suppression, all without any actual evidence of wrongdoing.

Now that it’s over, though, Governor-Elect Kemp is promising, among other things, to push for expanding gun rights in the Peach State.

Republican Brian Kemp won the closest Georgia race for governor in more than 50 years, defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams by a narrow margin after a post-election battle that lasted until the last ballots trickled into county officials more than a week after the vote.

His victory capped a divisive race against Abrams that hinged on his relentless appeals to supporters of Donald Trump with promises to expand gun rights, cut taxes and defend the president even as he assailed the Democrat as an “extremist outsider” who would force Georgia toward socialism.

Abrams faced relentless attempts by Kemp to paint her as a “radical extremist” who was a puppet of out-of-state interests because most of her campaign cash was raised by donors outside Georgia. Her critics seized on her gaffes, including one they used to falsely claim she wanted illegal immigrants to vote.

Well, she did say that and it’s not like Democrats such as Abrams haven’t been doing everything they could to empower illegals to vote in American elections.

But much of what hurt Abrams was her radical call for an assault weapon ban in a very pro-gun state. She made it clear that she wanted them off the streets despite any evidence showing that such weapons aren’t the problem the left tries to make them out to be.


Now that Kemp is finally and officially the winner, it’s my hope that he keeps his promise on gun rights.

As a voter in the state, I hope his first move will be to work with the General Assembly and pass constitutional carry throughout the state. While I suspect some lawmakers won’t like that purely on revenue creation grounds, it’s the right move to make. No one should be forced to ask permission from the state in order to bear arms, which the Second Amendment expressly forbids requiring anyway.

Beyond that, I’ll take anything else that expands our Second Amendment rights.

What made Abrams so unpalatable to many here in Georgia wasn’t her sex or her ethnicity, but her radical position to undermine the Second Amendment throughout the state. Frankly, I’m aghast that she almost won and I’m at a loss to tell you why.

But Hollywood wanted to see her in the Governor’s Mansion and spared no expense to try and make that happen.

I hope that’s all that’s in play because if there’s more, we have to figure it out so we can make sure this never happens again. That was way too close for comfort.

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