Tragic Death Reminds Us All The Importance Of Gun Safety Rules

While I don’t train a whole lot of folks, I have taught quite a few how to shoot. The very first thing I teach them is the Four Rules of gun safety. They’re probably the best way to instruct someone how to be safe with a firearm.


But as people become more experienced with firearms, they sometimes come to believe they can break the rules. Then, after doing it for a little while with no repercussions, they stop paying much attention to the safety aspects of handling a firearm.

And sometimes, that can lead to very tragic results.

CORINTH — State Police said Saturday that the Corinth woman who was shot to death Thursday night was accidentally killed by her husband as he cleaned a gun.

No charges have been filed against Eric Rosenbrock in connection with the death of his 34-year-old wife, Ashley Rosenbrock.

State Police said Mr. Rosenbrock, 35, was “performing maintenance” on a handgun that he legally owns when it fired, hitting his wife. The shooting happened in the couple’s Raymond Street home around 10:30 p.m.

Mrs. Rosenbrock was taken to Saratoga Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy was performed Saturday by forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Siikirica, who determined the death was “consistent with the information and evidence that has been discovered to this point in the investigation,” State Police said in a news release.

Police did not say what type of handgun fired the shot, where Mrs. Rosenbrock was hit or explain how the gun came to discharge.

Mr. Rosenbrock was cooperative with investigators, and was questioned extensively late Thursday and early Friday, authorities said.


A very tragic set of circumstances. To make matters worse, it was totally preventable.

Was the chamber checked to see if the weapon was loaded? Was the muzzle kept pointed in a safe direction? Was the weapon treated as if it were loaded at all times?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and an innocent woman has lost her life and a man has completely shattered his world.

If that’s not enough, he may still face charges.

Though the shooting is being labeled an accident, charges that allege he was negligent or reckless could potentially be pursued, such as criminally negligent homicide or manslaughter.

The DA wouldn’t comment on the possibility of charges being filed, but that potentiality is out there, all for a lapse of judgment.

Folks, what happened with the Rosenbergs is awful, but this could easily happen to any of us. Just one slip, one time forgetting to check the chamber or not taking into account what is on the other side of the wall when your finger is on the trigger, and your whole life or someone else’s could be over.


And that’s without being prosecuted.

It’s bad enough for people who take a life in self-defense. That’s justified, yet some folks have difficulty dealing with that. Imagine somehow killing someone you love because of a mistake?

Right now, a lot of people are gearing up for Christmas. Some of you will be getting guns or things for your guns. Please, remember the Rosenbergs and take extra care in your safety practices.

For everyone’s sake.

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