Washington Sheriff Vows To Not Enforce I-1639

Washington’s controversial I-1639 ballot initiative isn’t popular in large portions of the state. Like many places, Washington politics is often influenced by the geographically small portion that makes up the large urban centers. In this case, Seattle and a couple of other places decided I-1639 needed to happen and screw the rest of the state.

Ferry County, Washington was one of the counties that opposed I-1639. Now, their sheriff has said he has no intention of enforcing the law.

The police chief of a small town in northeast Washington says he won’t be enforcing a new voter-approved gun control initiative.

Loren Culp not only strongly disagrees with the legal concepts of I-1639, he also feels it is completely unconstitutional and has suggested that the community of  Republic, which he wardens in north central Ferry County, become a sanctuary city for second amendment rights.

Washington voters passed I-1639 by a healthy margin of nearly 60 percent in last week’s general election. The new law raises the minimum age requirement for the purchase of certain types of firearms from 18 to 21 and also allows for criminal charges to be filed against those who provide access of a gun to individuals who are prohibited from possessing them.

iFIBER ONE News spoke with Culp about which part of the recently-approved mandates he disagrees with and will refuse to enforce within Republic’s city limits.

“All of them,” said Culp. “I pretty much disagree with the whole thing and all it will do is restrict law-abiding citizens. It won’t stop criminals from committing crimes.”

Culp’s additional commentary regarding the issue suggested that he is mainly averse to the portion of the law which places age restrictions on the purchase of semi-automatic rifles.

“They can vote, they can serve in the military, but they’re not allowed to buy firearms,” Culp said. “How can you tell an 18 to 21-year-old who’s fresh out of the military and has been firing the most advanced weapons we have that they can’t buy a 10/22 rifle?”

Culp is also urging the city council of Republica, WA to enact a city ordinance which will turn it into a “sanctuary city” when it comes to I-1639.

And I have to say, the left brought this on themselves.

Oh, trying to cram this kind of crap down people’s throats is bad enough, but they forgot that while they were applauding sanctuary cities over immigration that it opened the door for any community to refuse to enforce any other law they chose. The fact that they simply don’t like immigration laws but love gun laws is irrelevant.

Either a community is required to enforce all the laws, or it’s not. If no, then it can pick and choose which laws it wants to enforce and which it wants to ignore.

That includes gun laws.

Frankly, I’m cool with this. I-1639 should never have been allowed on the ballot, but it was. Now a handful of urban elites who think they know better than everyone else want to make the state bar legal adults from exercising their rights. Not everywhere wants to play that, though, and now those elites have to reconcile that.

The Law of Unintended Consequences rears its head again.

Those who thought sanctuary cities were great never thought about what all might be done once that door was opened, and now I’m just going to sit back and laugh at them over it.

Hat tip: The Truth About Guns