Will Wolves Be Removed From Endangered Species List?

Once upon a time, the wolf population was in trouble. Wolf numbers were scarily low, and the lack of wolves was causing a huge influx in the populations of prey animals, which in turn caused other problems. The circle of life wasn’t churning like it was supposed to.


So, the government stepped in and named the wolves an endangered species.

Now, years later, Congress is set to repeal those protections for the wolf population.

In addition, The Detroit News reports the Manage Our Wolves Act would also remove wolves from protections in the western Great Lakes area, including Michigan.

The matter is expected to be shut down upon arrival to the Senate, however.

Those opposed to the movement, which includes Michigan U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, say wolves are still in danger and “play a critical role in keeping ecosystems healthy and balanced.” On the other side of the aisle, Republicans argued on Friday that the wolf population has “recovered and is expanding, and that control of wolf management should be returned to the states.”

“This is not about hatred of fear of predators. This is about actually recognizing that the Endangered Species Act has done its job, and it’s time for the wolf to be delisted,” U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, R-Washington stated.

According to The Detroit News, those concerns about the measure stalling in the Senate come from Democrats, which isn’t a strong indicator of what will happen. Especially since GOP lawmakers are often hearing concerns from ranchers who are unable to defend their herds.


Rep. McMorris also said:

“I regularly hear from people that are seeing wolves around their property. People that can not defend themselves without it being a felony. Eastern Washington knows better how to manage their land and wildlife than someone sitting in a cubicle in Washington, D.C.”

Look, I get the Democrats concerns on this. I really do.

But at some point, we have to hold humanity up first. People and their livelihoods need to be the concern rather than wolves. Ranchers need to be able to defend their herds from these predators. It’s just that simple.

Either that or Democrats need to dig into their own pockets–something we know Democrats tend to be unable to do–and cough up the money to cover the loss of livestock these ranchers endure because they’re more worried about furry animals than people who have to feed their families.

I’m not saying we should have open season on wolves here. No one is.

What is being talked about is the decision on these animals being kicked back to the states to make their own determination. This is smart because states with smaller populations can minimize any hunting while those who may be overpopulated can decide differently. This allows more precise targetting.


One thing Democrats cite as a concern is the idea of Congress deciding to delist the wolf, rather than scientists.

I get that.

However, if Congress is the body responsible for making laws, they’re the body responsible for listing and delisting animals. That power never belongs in the hands of bureaucrats or scientists who can make that decision with zero accountability.

Kind of like I said about the ATF.

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