'Moms Demand Automatics' To Counter Protest CO Women's March

Pro-gun women have got to be annoyed. They have to be sick of people claiming to speak for them, only to demand the innocent be disarmed, especially since disarmament of the civilian population will impact women, as a group, worst of all.


Luckily, a lot of women aren’t very docile and don’t mind telling the pink-hatted morons of the Women’s March to stop speaking for them. In fact, a pro-gun group plans to counter-protest the Colorado Women’s March.

Colorado Democrats are widely expected to pass gun-safety legislation next year.

But the Democrats’ legislative majority isn’t stopping pro-gun groups from preparing to fight.

A pro-gun group called Moms Demand Automatics is trying to get attention by organizing a counter-protest during Denver’s Jan. 19 Women’s March, according to the group’s Facebook page, which includes likes from Republican State House Minority Leader Patrick Neville of Castle Rock. About 100 people are interested or going to the rally, like former Republican House candidate Grady Nouis.

It’s not clear who’s behind Moms Demand Automatics, which has nearly 10,000 Facebook followers, but the organization’s swag, including cups and “toddler zip-up hoodies,” is being sold on the Rally for Our Rights online shop.

Mom’s Demand Automatics is apparently intended to mock a national gun-safety group called Mom’s Demand Action, which describes itself as a “campaigns for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families.”

The Facebook page of Mom’s Demand Automatics includes photos of women shooting guns in bikinis as well as a video of a women’s buttocks shifting after she fires an automatic weapon.

This video of the woman led one commenter to write, “Why does this make me think moms aren’t really running this page? lol,” and another to counter with, “Why do you assume a female can’t appreciate the female form?”

The fact that Rally for Our Rights is planning to review Colorado’s recall rules at its trainings is significant, because pro-gun advocates waged successful recall campaigns after Democrats passed modest gun-safety laws in 2013. Two Democratic state senators lost their seats in 2015 and a third resigned. Hollywood led the “We Care 4 Weld County” group that attempted to recall Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer back in August. Hollywood’s group failed to gather the 5,767 signatures needed to place a recall initiative on the ballot.


And Colorado Democrats need to remember that.

Now, let’s be clear, the state is turning bluer. My friends in Colorado are less than pleased with the development, let me assure you.

It seems the state may have gotten a fair number of people fleeing California’s high crime and high taxes, and they fall into the same routine of voting for the same policies that created the problems in California. It’s like they’re a virus, infecting each state, then bursting outward to infect others.

Anyway, all that said, it’s good to see people fighting back, especially women.

If citizens are disarmed, the criminals will be empowered and the physically weakest among us–namely women, unfortunately–will be less able to resist their attackers. There’s a reason criminals support gun control.

These people need to be called on it. Being anti-gun is inherently anti-woman.


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