Cuomo Outlines Gun Control Plans For NY

Cuomo Outlines Gun Control Plans For NY

Andrew Cuomo has done everything he possibly can to make New York the most anti-gun state in the country and has worked hard to earn the title of the most anti-gun governor as well. Frankly, I think he may well have the title locked up.


However, he’s not one to rest on his laurels by any stretch. No, he’s ready to keep pushing “forward.”

Recently, he released his list of ten laws he wants to change. Guess what’s on there?

If you said “more gun control,” you win!

Gov. Cuomo likened his agenda to the Declaration of Independence and says the state’s priorities next year are separate from the federal government’s.

The governor said now with a Democratic Assembly and Senate, there are no more excuses. Democrats need to be doers and not just dreamers.

Key proposals

“We are under federal assault as individuals and as a state. We must stand up to this tyranny once again. Not with muskets the way our founders did, not with our voices and our votes. As our forefathers rebelled against England resenting the king values and abuse, let us announce New York’s rebellion from the current federal policies.”


If it were actual tyranny, New Yorkers wouldn’t be able to use their voice and their votes without major problems.

New Yorkers couldn’t take up their “muskets” either, even if they wanted to do so, because Cuomo has made that virtually impossible.

You see, opposition to tyranny is why we have a Second Amendment. It’s not about crime, though I’ve argued it allows us to fight the tyranny of the criminal, or about hunting. It’s about defending our way of life from those who would oppress us.

If Cuomo was serious in believing that tyranny had come to this great nation of ours, why would he work so hard to make it more difficult for citizens–you know, the very people who would have to fight back against an oppressive regime–to arm themselves?

New Yorkers are facing tyranny, though. I mean, to be fair, they exist under a would-be tyrant. After all, what else do you call a man who has worked to not only disarm his populace but also to use his authority to punish those who speak out against him? Say what you want about President Trump, but he’s not the one trying to destroy civil rights groups he disagrees with, now is he?


As for Cuomo’s measures, I’ve commented before on bump stocks and how useless bans are. Waiting periods are another stupid invention that does little to actually help solve any problems. At best, they might help with suicides, but they do nothing for actual crime, and that’s where we should be devoting our attention.

In other words, he’ll accomplish nothing except to hurt the innocent gun buyers in his state.

Which I think is what he wants.

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