Ignorance Leads Many To Believe Gun Access Causes Mass Shootings

Right now, everyone is very sensitive about mass shootings. They happen, and absolutely no one’s going to say that they’re happy about it.

Unfortunately, that’s where the agreement seems to end.


However, the battle lines in this fight aren’t just happening on websites and in the media, but local newspapers where neighbors try to sway neighbors one way or the other.

It’s also in these newspapers where we get a glimpse of just how the other side’s “foot soldiers” are thinking on an issue, and my sweet and fluffy lord, some of these people are outright ignorant.

For starters, many people have an issue with trying to control guns because they want to have free access to them at anytime. Many, as well, are beginning to feel like their rights are trying to be taken away. However, that isn’t the case. Something needs to be done though.

Whenever people have access to guns that shouldn’t, something bad usually happens. Like the Columbine shooting. It was a complete tragedy that still affects people today.

If guns were more secure then we could keep children, teenagers, and people who do not need to handle a gun away from them. So many lives have been lost because of guns. No one should have to sit back and lose a loved one because of a careless mistake that could be have prevented.

Only the most ignorant would bring up Columbine as proof we need gun control.

The Columbine killers were two teens who were legally barred from purchasing firearms. Because of that, they convinced an adult who could buy them to make the purchase. This is a straw buy and a textbook example of it. They gave this adult the money, and the adult purchased the guns.

The lawful purchaser didn’t make a mistake. She didn’t leave the guns where two psychopaths could get them and take them. She bought the guns specifically for those two psychopaths.


She and they broke the law to get those guns. Let’s not pretend that this somehow was an oversight, a lack of understanding.

The fact that someone advocating for gun control invoked Columbine, however, is telling. It tells us a great deal about what goes on in the mind of a gun grabber. It’s yet another example of how they are driven based on emotion, not fact.

This person’s entire argument is designed to elicit a reaction from you, one of shock and horror. It’s through that shock and horror that they hope to sway people, and they can’t do that if people understand that those two killers got their guns through illegal means, that the only way to have stopped them was for those guns to simply not exist.

If people understand that, they’ll understand that gun control isn’t a solution. They’ll come to realize that they need to attack the problem through other means.

Gun control activists don’t want that. They don’t want people to understand that the problem is people, not guns. If people understand that, they’ll stop trying to disarm their fellow citizens and the anti-gunners who get their income from trying to strip us of our Second Amendment rights will have to go and get real jobs.

And so they play to the ignorant.

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