Pennsylvania Democrats Outraged Over Criminal Comparison

There’s one thing Democrats are good at, and that’s outrage. They can find something to be outraged about at the drop of a hat. In fact, they’ll drop the hat themselves, just out of boredom.


The most recent example comes from Pennsylvania, where Pittsburgh Democrats are trying to pass gun control at the local level in complete and total violation of state law. You see, they’ve been called out on it, and they didn’t like a comparison that was recently made about their attempts. It seems that they don’t like being compared to criminals while trying to break the law.

However, Kim Stolfer, president of Firearms Owners Against Crime, stated his opposition to the commonsense laws with the following statement: “The fact is, what the city’s doing is illegal and there’s very little difference between them and the killer at the synagogue except for a matter of degree. They’re both criminals.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Brandon Cwalina issued the following statement:

“Republicans must immediately denounce the disgusting remarks of Kim Stolfer and Firearms Owners Against Crime. Gun control advocates who are standing up to make our communities safer should be applauded, not compared to an anti-Semitic mass murder. This comparison is despicable and should be denounced by every Republican in Harrisburg and DC, especially the dozens of Republicans who have been endorsed by Firearms Owners Against Crime.”


If you don’t like being compared to a criminal, here’s something you should try.

Stop trying to break the freaking law.

At the end of the day, that’s precisely what Stolfer was trying to point out, and he’s not wrong. Oh, it might not be the most diplomatic of comparisons, but it’s factually valid. The only significant difference between what Pittsburgh is trying to do and what the Tree of Life killer did is the degree of lawbreaking.

If Democrats don’t like the comparison, then perhaps they should stop trying to break the damn law.

Oh, but they’re doing God’s work. Just ask them, they’ll tell you. Who cares about laws when you’re trying to make the world a better place, right? And how are they doing that? By trying to pass illegal laws.

Stolfer doesn’t owe them an apology, and any lawmaker that rebukes Stolfer is someone who needs to lose their seat in the next primary. He said nothing wrong. Democrats just want to play the outrage card because it’s the only card they have in their deck these days.

They completely ignore the fact that they’re engaged in an effort to break the law. They pretend they’re the victims here. Meanwhile, they completely miss the irony of trying to break the law so they can pass a law that is easily broken.


They’re doing their lawbreaking out in public, for crying out loud, and can’t see how easy that is? If it’s that simple to pass a law and ignore the preemption law, just how easy will it be for criminals to ignore their gun control efforts? They’re literally proving that laws won’t stop lawbreakers, then they get mad when someone points out that they’re lawbreakers.

Unfortunately, none of them will see the inside of a prison cell for their actions. Maybe that needs to change.

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