UK Police Struggle To Stop Flow Of Guns That Laws Did Nothing To Stop

The United Kingdom has every advantage when it comes to enforcing gun control, at least as described by American gun control activists.

You see, our gun grabbers like to claim that the reason states like California have so much gun-related crime despite their strict gun control policies is that guns flow in from other states, places with more lax regulations.


The UK has none of that, though. For one, it’s an island. The only car access to the island comes via France which also has strict gun control. In fact, Europe is one big gun control activist dreamland. There’s no way guns are coming into the UK from more permissive environments.

Yet the country still keeps having trouble.

Police and border officials are struggling to stop a rising supply of illegal firearms being smuggled into Britain, a senior police chief has warned.

Chief constable Andy Cooke, the national police lead for serious and organised crime, said law enforcement had seen an increased supply of guns over the past year, and feared that it would continue in 2019.

The Guardian has learned that the situation is so serious that the National Crime Agency has taken the rare step of using its legal powers to direct every single police force to step up the fight against illegal guns.

The NCA has used tasking powers to direct greater intelligence about firearms to be gathered by all 43 forces in England and Wales.

Another senior law enforcement official said that “new and clean” weapons were now being used in the majority of shootings, as opposed to guns once being so difficult to obtain that they would be “rented out” to be used in multiple crimes.

Cooke, the Merseyside chief constable, told the Guardian: “We in law enforcement expect the rise in new firearms to continue. We are doing all we can. We are not in a position to stop it anytime soon.

“Law enforcement is more joined up now than before, but the scale of the problem is such that despite a number of excellent firearms seizures, I expect the rise in supply to be a continuing issue.”


You know, from all the way over here in the Land of the Free, it kind of looks like the gun laws there aren’t working worth a damn to stop bad people from getting guns. Couple this with London banning knives because of an uptick in crime, and what you have is a country where the authorities continually disarm the law-abiding, but the criminals keep on doing what they want to do.

That’s how it’s always going to be.

Further, this illustrates how pathetic gun laws are at stopping the availability of guns for criminal activities. As noted earlier, the UK has every advantage when it comes to gun control from a geographic standpoint, and it can’t stop the flow of guns.

Only a complete and total idiot would think that guns wouldn’t find their way into criminal hands here in the U.S.

After all, if we can’t stop the flow of drugs or illegal immigrants into this country, just how in the hell would we stop the cartels from sending guns into the country too?

The only reason they don’t do it now is that there’s no real profit in it. Make guns illegal and watch how quickly that changes.


We’ll have the same problem as the UK, if not worse.

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