Wisconsin AG Calls For Passage Of Red Flag Law

Throughout the nation, more and more states seem to be passing Red Flag Laws. The idea is simple. You take guns away from people who are exhibiting signs that they’re about to do something violent. It’s supposed to be a temporary thing and, at least on the surface, it sounds like something that might stop a lot of horrible acts.


In practice, it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, it’s become any number of other things, including legalized SWATting.

Now, the Wisconsin Attorney General wants to make it part of his state’s legal code.

In his inauguration speech, Attorney General Josh Kaul framed his plans for stricter gun control around the need for school safety.

Kaul cited stats from a Washington Post report that said more than 4 million students last year experienced a school lockdown.

The new attorney general calling for a red flag gun law and universal background checks.

“A red flag law that will allow law enforcement or family members to go to a judge and ensure that somebody who is a threat to themselves or others is temporarily disarmed,” Kaul said.

Oh, Kaul forgot to mention that it will also allow them to disarm family members who some snot-nosed punk plans to steal from who doesn’t even live in the same home. Let’s not forget that one.

Gun rights advocates are opposing this, with good reason.

Unfortunately, Governor Tony Evers has already voiced his support for such a law.

Look, I get the desire to do something. The problem is “do something” often leads to doing the wrong something, a something that infringes on people’s rights while not accomplishing a damn thing. This should be something that everyone is concerned about, but remarkably few people are.

Our rights are sacred. That’s why our Constitution protects them. They’re not things to infringe upon, lightly or otherwise.


Right now, we have no evidence that red flag laws even work. Not really.

Further, we have no reason to believe these Red Flag laws are going to continue to be appropriately used since there are few protections put in place to punish those who make false allegations. Anyone who panics or just doesn’t like what someone is saying can petition for an extreme risk protective order to be put in place, thus depriving someone of their Second Amendment rights without any semblance of due process. This cannot be acceptable in a free society.

Yet that’s what people are demanding.

It boggles my mind, but this is the reality we’re dealing with right now. People like Kaul and Evers are eager to prey upon people’s fears to pass regulations that infringe on so many sacred rights, all without even acknowledging that they’re doing it. They’ll couch it in fine language and pretend that they’re doing it for the public’s own good.

But at the end of the day, all they’re really doing is growing the power of the state and disarming regular people, most of whom wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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