Woman Brags On Dating App About Poaching...To Game Warden

Unlike gun laws, many hunting laws seem to work for their specified purpose. They manage game so that more people can enjoy hunting, which is a good thing. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t any issues with game laws, because there are, but at least some of them do what they’re supposed to do.


That said, some people break those laws. We’ve had poachers, and I suspect we always will.

What we didn’t have before were dating apps. Especially dating apps where a woman who poaches could brag about her exploits to a game warden.

Game warden Cannon Harrison probably wasn’t expecting to make his latest bust on a dating app. But that’s what happened after he matched with an Oklahoma woman on Bumble.

As they struck up an online conversation, the woman immediately shared that she had just killed a “bigo” buck — “obviously not knowing Cannon is a game warden,” wrote the Oklahoma Game Wardens in a Facebook post.

Harrison asked if she had shot the deer with a bow, as bow hunting is still legal in Oklahoma through mid-January. She said she didn’t want to discuss that, but Harrison innocently pressed further, prompting his match to reveal the details. She shared with him the location where she killed the deer and sent him several photos of the dead animal, including one in which she can be seen holding up its antlers.

She and an accomplice were fined $2,400 each.

One commenter on the story noted that while the woman wanted a date, it probably wasn’t a court date. I have to agree.

Honestly, I’m always surprised by people who will brag to perfect strangers about breaking the law. Had she just played along and argued she killed the deer legally, she would have gotten away with it. Instead, she was trying to impress Cannon. Hell, she even provided him with evidence that she’d committed the crime.


In the process, she got arrested and fined because she was dumb.

I’m sorry, but I don’t exactly have any sympathy. A master criminal, she ain’t.

It’s probably for the best that her worst crime was poaching. I can only imagine how big of a mess she’d make of an armored car robbery or a jewelry store heist.

Now, I’m sure some people will comment all about how game laws are dumb, and they shouldn’t exist, and I’m a statist jackwagon for actually being OK with them, and I get that not everyone agrees with me. I don’t need a deluge of angry messages about it, either. The last few I’ve gotten resulted in more mockery than discussion (yes, I mock people who message me to tell me I’m an awful human being and nothing else).

What should unite us is the fact that no matter your position on game laws, we can point and laugh at someone dumb enough to brag about it over a dating app to a perfect stranger who turned out to be a game warden.

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