Band 'The Killers' Takes On Gun Control In New Song

Entertainers tend to lean toward the liberal side.

I know. I just announced the equivalent of water is wet and fire is hot. I’m not exactly breaking news right about now. I’ll grant that.


But it bears repeating. Mostly, it bears repeating because entertainers can’t seem to shut up about being liberal.

The latest example is the group The Killers and their take on gun control in a new song.

The Killers take a political stand on “Land of the Free,” a blistering new single from the famed Las Vegas rock outfit.

A soulful piano ballad channeling Springsteenian 1980s power rock, Killers frontman Brandon Flowers tackles President Donald Trump’s border wall, mass incarceration and gun violence by anchoring each stance with singing “…in the land of the free.”

Backed by a group of gospel-inspired singers, Flowers offers: “So how many daughters, tell me how many sons/Do we have to have to put in the ground before we just break down and face it/We got a problem with guns/In the land of the free.”

It sure as hell looks like someone doesn’t understand what “land of the free” means.

Land of the free means we’re free to make our own choices, and that includes being able to defend our own lives.

Everyone on the Left wants to look at the death toll, and I get it. They see the number of gun-related fatalities and think, “How can we let this go on?”

What they’re not looking at are the number of lives saved by guns. Even by the most conservative, anti-gun estimates, more than 2.5 times more people protect themselves with firearms than lose their lives to them.  But the CDC found it was much, much higher. Try 2.4 million people each year protect themselves with a gun, compared to just under 40,000 losing their lives to them.


Let’s also not forget that two-thirds of those are people who take their own life. That’s right, they’re not homicides, but suicides. In other words, they’re people who are likely to seek out other ways to kill themselves if they didn’t have a firearm.

The land of the free is the one place on Earth where we can defend our lives against those who would hurt our families or us. That means guns in the hands of citizens.

Yes, mass shootings are tragic. No one is disputing that.

What we are disputing is the idea that because some musician gets all weepy-eyed over it, we need to change our laws and give up our God-given freedom so we can live in their version of the “land of the free” that isn’t particularly free.

I’m not going to say that musicians shouldn’t include politics in their music. Plenty of artists have done it through the years, and some of that music is pretty good.

But honestly? It never accomplished a damn thing before and it won’t now. Personally, I’m thankful for that. I’d much rather have the ability to protect myself than listen to a musician who can outsource his protection tell me I don’t need a firearm.

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