'Rogue' Gun Dealers Prove How Ineffective Australia's Gun Laws Are

Perhaps the most popular place for gun control activists to point to is Australia. They tell us to look at the Land Down Under and see all the country has done with gun control, and that we should embrace that gun control entirely.


You know what? Let’s look at Australia and see how well that’s worked.

Australia has some of the tightest gun control and border security laws in the world but there are still thousands of weapons the Australian Government can’t trace.

In December, a joint operation involving the Australian Border Force (ABF) and New South Wales Police seized an arsenal near Newcastle, including a grenade launcher and a heavy machine gun.

Meanwhile, in western Queensland, a haul of 120 firearms including an anti-tank rifle was seized earlier this year.

Australia’s border security is capturing a significant amount of illicit firearms and parts.

More than 2,000 were confiscated in their most recent survey period between 2017 and 2018, according to the Department of Home Affairs.

“The firearms black market, they know what’s available there is always a demand and where there is a demand there is a supply,” Alexey Muraviev, an associate professor of national security at Curtin University, told Ten Daily.

The report goes on to note that something like 27,000 guns were stolen from lawful owners between 2007 and 2017 and an estimated 260,000 guns are on the black market.

Oh, yeah, gun control is working just great.

Let’s also note that Australia has tight border security, unlike the United States. It’s a huge island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It isn’t likely to have guns stroll across its borders like it’s nothing. Australia can’t blame anyone else’s lack of gun control for its issues.


Yet criminals are still getting guns.

And they’re getting some heavy firepower. The story reports one criminal had an anti-tank rifle. It also shows where police picked up a grenade launcher and what looks like a 50-Caliber M2.

These are things that I generally am not picking up at Bass Pro Shops, you know?

But they’re running around in Australia. Why?

The answer is simple. Criminals do not obey laws.

Gun control activists will counter that argument with “they don’t obey any laws, so are you claiming we should get rid of all laws?” They’re right. Criminals don’t obey those laws either. Those laws exist to restrain the law-abiding from hurting other people or taking their stuff and gives us the ability to punish people who cross that line.

Yet gun control laws only apply to the law-abiding and effectively restrain their ability to defend themselves. It doesn’t stop criminals at all. That’s what we’re seeing happen in Australia.

The bad people are still hurting good people. They’re still getting guns and are still able to use them for nefarious purposes if they so desire.

In other words, gun control has failed to disarm the criminals, just like it always has and always will.

But that won’t stop gun control zealots from pushing for it anyway.

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