Nevada Gun Grabbers Looking Forward To Dem Control

Nevada Gun Grabbers Looking Forward To Dem Control

Nevada isn’t considered to be an anti-gun state, but even before the Las Vegas massacre, there were some efforts to restrict guns. A 2016 measure calling for universal background checks passed, but wasn’t implemented due to logistical issues.

Then a maniac gunned down more than 50 people in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, with a media waiting in the wings willing to spin it as a failure of too little gun control.

Now, the state has even further embraced gun control right about now. They elected a whole slate of Democrats to enact their gun control fantasies. Now that those Democrats are taking office, they’re looking forward to the future.

In 2016, Ballot Question 1 passed a popular vote in Nevada and in effect would have prohibited the sale of guns between individuals in the state without conducting a background check, but following the election, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt issued an opinion that rendered the voter approved law unenforceable for lack of administrative support from the federal and state governments, and thereby, the “unenforceable” status means citizens cannot be prosecuted for not complying with the act.

For John Saludes and the coalition’s 16 members, Laxalt’s decision was a blow, a disregard for the popular, democratic will of the people, but now that Democrat Steve Sisolak is governor and Democrat Aaron Ford is attorney general and Democrats control both houses of the Legislature, Saludes expects to see legislation in the 2019 session that will implement an amended version of the scuttled Question 1.

“It (Ballot Question 1) was stalled by Governor Sandoval and attorney general at that time Laxalt.  Now they are out of the picture, and I am told that we are going to, that there is talk, and there is probably some legislation that I am not totally aware of, but I am told that it may pass in this Legislative session.”

North Las Vegas Democrat Kelvin Atkinson is Senate Majority Leader and submitted Bill Draft Request 755 in early December of last year, a request to draft a bill that would, “Revise provisions relating to background checks for certain purchases or transfers of firearms.”

The Legislative Counsel Bureau is currently drafting Senator Atkinson’s request, and details are forthcoming, but the legislative path for a background check bill is clear.  Governor Sisolak has expressed support for enhanced background checks on gun purchases.

Additionally, Democrats are looking at implementing an extreme risk protective order, or so-called red flag law, in the state. A type of law which is credited with at least one death so far.

In the end, what none of these folks are getting is that this doesn’t inhibit the criminals in any way. It doesn’t lead to arrests, it doesn’t stop them from buying guns, it doesn’t do anything except make life more difficult for the average, law-abiding citizen. They’re the ones who will have to jump through more hoops to buy a gun from a friend. They’re the ones who are going to have to deal with all of this mess.

Those good, law-abiding citizens aren’t the problem, but they’re being treated like they are.

Will anyone in Nevada bother to look back at how these laws have done nothing and repeal them, though? Of course not. Not without a change in attitude throughout the state.