Pittsburgh Officials Claim Gun Control Proposal Prompted Death Threats

Pittsburgh Officials Claim Gun Control Proposal Prompted Death Threats

What’s happening in Pittsburgh right now is unconscionable. Everyone involved knows better. They know what they’re doing is illegal. They know deep down in the very core of their being that what they’re doing is wrong, but they’re doing it anyway.


No, I’m not necessarily just talking about Mayor Bill Peduto and his fellow travelers trying to enact gun control in spite of the state’s preemption law.

Mayor Bill Peduto confirmed to Channel 11 that he has received threats over proposed gun reform legislation that has stirred a vigorous pushback from some gun owners and gun rights groups.

Councilman Corey O’Connor, who has been a vocal supporter of the legislation, confirmed he has received a death threat, as well.

Peduto said Wednesday that Pittsburgh police are monitoring those threats.

I receive threats on a continual basis. We monitor them to the seriousness of them,” he said. “And it’s unfortunate that that is a part of being an elected officeholder today, but it is a part of being an elected officeholder today.”

Now, I can see a fair bit of skepticism here. After all, death threats only increase people’s stature in politics. It’s the reason some have been known to manufacture them. They make the individual look brave and increase their standing in their particular group, so saying you have death threats is almost like currency in politics.

More than that, one has to wonder how many are legitimate “I’m going to kill you threats” and how many are “I hope you get shot” kind of statements that, while unkind, aren’t exactly threats. Yet they often are interpreted as such.

With that said, if you’re reading this and have considered saying such things to Peduto or O’Connor, I want to say this to you:

Knock it the hell off!


No, seriously. This does no one any good.

I want Peduto and O’Connor punished…in a court of law. They’re trying to break the law, and the law should be who handles it. This would also possibly lead to them being removed from office under a cloud of disgrace and send a message throughout Pennsylvania, if not the rest of the nation, that preemption means preemption.

Jackwagons making death threats–and yes, they may well be false flag threats, but it’s better if we assume they’re not–doesn’t help. It increased Peduto and O’Connor’s standings on the Left, makes gun owners look unhinged, and didn’t stop anything. Do you think Peduto’s going to change his tune because Joe threatened to shoot him?

Peduto will just report the threat, watch his security detail get beefed up, and go about his day trying to infringe on the rights of the people of Pittsburgh. Nothing will change.

If anything, you’re making his job easier. You’re turning his personal battle into more of a war against guns as he pushes through this legislation. Let’s also be honest here. Peduto and his crowd will latch onto anything they can pin on pro-gun activists to paint them in a negative light. The last thing we need to do is make it easy for them.

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