Bill Seeks To Ban 'Undetectable' Guns...Again

There are people out there who do things so dumb you almost have to marvel that it came out of a brain that’s capable of human speech. You know the kinds of things I’m thinking about, stuff like the Ghostbuster reboot and anything to do with Justin Bieber.

Now, a lawmaker is looking to join in on the fun. It seems she thinks the current law banning undetectable guns is insufficient, so she’s proposing a new, tougher law.

Continuing House Democrats’ push to make gun control a top issue of their majority, newly elected Rep. Madeleine Dean (D., Pa.) introduced a bill Thursday aimed at addressing 3D-printed or plastic firearms.

Her legislation seeks to prohibit the possession of firearms that cannot be detected by walk-through metal detectors. It would be an update to the 1988 Undetectable Firearms Act, which requires firearms to contain stainless steel.

The current law “does not adequately address today’s technologies or security risks,” said Dean, who represents Montgomery County. “Today, we face a more pressing issue — firearms made entirely of plastic, or with so much plastic that they fall below the current law’s detection standard.”

The proposal, cosponsored by 15 colleagues including Reps. Chrissy Houlahan of Chester County and Mary Gay Scanlon of Delaware County, would also outlaw “any major component of a firearm that does not generate a gun-shaped image in airport security detection systems,” including the slide, cylinder, frame or receiver of any firearm, and the barrel of a rifle or shotgun. It aims to expand the law beyond X-ray machines by ensuring that any standard airport detection device can detect firearms.

Now, why do I consider this as being that level of stupid?

Simple. The law already bans undetectable guns. The change in technology doesn’t change the law’s reality. Even if you can build a completely 3D printed plastic gun that will fire live ammunition, it’s already illegal. Anyone who does so is doing it in spite of the law already on the books.

What will a new law accomplish? Nothing, nothing at all.

The thing so many anti-gun politicians fail to note is that there are people who will ignore any gun law you put on the books and guess what? Those are the ones that represent the problem, not everyone else. Look, I’d love to play around with a 3D printer and build a gun or two. If it were possible to build an undetectable one, I’d probably do it just for fun. But it’s illegal, so I won’t.

Unfortunately for Dean, that won’t stop the potential assassin in some future time when 3D-printed guns can be made easily concealable and still undetectable–currently, they’re too bulky to use for anything other than your personal amusement–because they’re planning on breaking the law in the first place. What’s one more law?

I swear, it’s like they’re proposing laws just for the sake of proposing laws. Then again, that’s exactly what this is. Dean’s desperate to get her name out there as proposing anti-gun legislation, and it doesn’t matter what that legislation is.

And that may be the dumbest part of this yet.