AL TV Station Runs Report On Permitless Carry, No Supporters Found

For some reason, journalists tend to trend to the left. I’ve got a whole slew of ideas as to why that’s the case, of course, but it’s not relevant to the discussion at hand. Let’s say that they do. Most Bearing Arms readers tend to agree.

As a general rule, people who lean left tend to support gun control. This is also a non-controversial statement.

Because of this, there’s a definite bias in the news industry. However, an Alabama station took it to a whole new level when it apparently couldn’t find a single supporter of constitutional carry for its report on a proposed change to the state’s law.

A Tuscaloosa lawmaker is ramping up efforts to do away with pistol permit requirements in Alabama. WAAY 31 talked to several people today in Huntsville and all of them said they don’t approve of the new proposal. They said it could make it easier for guns to end up in the wrong hands.

“There’s going to be a lot more criminals I think who can sneak in weapons,” said Huntsville resident, Devin Brown.
“I’m not for more gun control, but I’m alright with the gun control we have in the state,” said Huntsville resident, Ethan Lee.

These are the reactions WAAY 31 got when we asked about the pistol permit proposal. State senator Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa, tells me he’ll introduce the measure when lawmakers convene next month. If it passes, you would no longer be required to have a permit to carry a concealed handgun in Alabama. Some residents we talked to are against it.

“It’s going to be bad all around for everybody,” said Brown.

Others find it confusing.

“If i want to conceal carry a pistol, I mean, why can’t I just carry it in the open if I don’t need a permit for it?” said Lee.

Do you mean to tell me that in all of Huntsville, this intrepid reporter was unable to unearth even a single proponent of the law anywhere? Where did she even look?

Alabama tends to be a gun-loving state, despite its recent senatorial election’s outcome. Alabamans support the Second Amendment, by and large, and I find it fascinating that this news station couldn’t even unearth a single proponent of permitless carry.

Unless, of course, the station didn’t want to.

I’m not saying the reporter tried to manipulate anything. I think she grabbed a few folks and just happened to find some opponents of the bill. I doubt she would have edited out proponents or anything.

Yet when you get three opponents, it behooves a reporter to seek out those who don’t share that view to appear balanced.

As it stands, this is either bias or laziness, but either way, it presents an image of a state that’s universally opposed to constitutional carry, and that’s nonsense. Even California, Massachusetts, and New York have people who want constitutional carry, for crying out loud, so why would it be so hard to find someone like that in Alabama?

If reporters want to reform the image of a biased media, they need to step up their game to minimize any appearance of bias. In this case, there was zero effort made to hide any such thing. I’m willing to ascribe this to laziness, but that doesn’t make it any better.