Hilarious Venezuelan Training Video Seeks To 'Intimidate' U.S. Military

Hilarious Venezuelan Training Video Seeks To 'Intimidate' U.S. Military

Venezuela isn’t a world power by any stretch of the imagination. It’s kind of hard to be one when your people are eating zoo animals just to survive, after all.

The nation’s economy has nosedived despite its status as being rich in natural resources, particularly oil. Now, people are starving, they can’t get toilet paper, and now tensions are even higher after President Nicolas Maduro has refused to acknowledge the outcome of a recent election. President Trump has recognized Maduro’s political opponent he as the legitimate president.

Now, the Venezuelan government is worried that the American military might be coming for them, so apparently, it released a training video of its men preparing to repel a U.S. invasion.

Yes, it’s hilarious.


A caption promises this isn’t from a comedy running in Venezuela, that this is a legitimate attempt to intimidate the United States Marine Corp.

Unfortunately for them, I’m pretty sure that now even the Cub Scouts feel like they could take these guys.

Perhaps the best part is the “spray and pray” with AKs lacking any sort of magazine. That’s right. The Venezuelan military doesn’t even give its troops ammo to train with. Maybe the military did that because there was going to be a camera person there and it was thinking about safety.

Or maybe the military can’t afford the ammo to train troops.

Of course, this is the same army that began preparing its civilians for an American invasion back in 2017 and part of that involved handing out Mosin Nagants as seen in this Al Jazeera video.

At no point do we see any actual firing of firearms.

Why is that? Marksmanship may not be a high priority for insurgents in the Middle East who use the divine marksmanship method–basically, anything Allah wants dead gets hit by the will of Allah because ISIS damn sure doesn’t know how to aim–but most other militaries understand the value of aiming. Even the Venezuelans, as seen by the marksmanship instruction given in the 2017 video.

So why isn’t the military firing in its intimidation efforts?

The only explanation is that it can’t for some reason, and since cameras can be set up to run and then left as the cameraman gets to safety, I’m not buying that the reason is a concern for human life.

As for Venezuela’s efforts to intimidate the Marines, so far, every Marine I’ve seen has laughed their butts off over this. There’s nothing in here that will intimidate me and I’m just an old former Corpsman who never did any time with the Marines. I’m pretty sure even the Coast Guard is laughing at this, and if the Coasties are mocking you…

Obviously, no one is concerned about this.

I’m not even concerned some American will look at this and allow this to guide their own training. That’s just how bad this video truly is, that not even the dipstick wannabe commandos in this country who fall for every ridiculous thing out there will fall for this brand of stupid.

If anything though, this is less intimidation and more an invitation for some Marines to take a 96-hour liberty, go and invade Venezuela over the weekend, and still make it back for morning formation.