U of Chicago Students Outraged After Robbery Suspects Arrested On Campus

As the father of a high-school senior, I get concerned about his future. After all, he’ll be starting college in the fall, and I worry about the nonsense he’s likely to encounter while at school. If he could pursue his dreams without college, at this point I’d probably encourage him to do so, but he can’t. That means he has to put up with whatever degree of crazy he has to.


However, after seeing this, I’m glad the University of Chicago isn’t on his list of preferred schools.

On Monday, Chicago police apprehended several suspects involved in an armed robbery who had fled from officers onto the University of Chicago’s campus.

The crisis, which prompted an alert from the university urging the campus community to shelter in place, also prompted some students to go into hysterics on social media.

They weren’t worried about the dangers of gun violence—no, they were furious at police.

From calling them “pigs” to demanding their disarmament, some students expressed fury at both the Chicago and University of Chicago police forces, who had come to protect and serve.

What’s more, even though no students were harmed and the suspects were arrested without a single shot being fired, some students began calling for the abolition of police.

“there were militarized cops (literally carrying assault rifles) crawling all over campus looking for armed, african-american men. a black student could’ve worn a striped shirt (like one of the robbers)… reached for a phone at the wrong time… etc. and could have been shot,” one student tweeted. “Anywho … disarm/abolish the police.:

“UCPD is absolutely worthless thank you for coming to my ted talk,” tweeted another student.

A third offered this on social media: “dear god we’re gonna have to listen to c*llege r*publicans talk about how this proves we need more cops.”

This reporter reached out to several of the commenters regarding what kind of solution they would support instead of the police, but only received the following answer from one student: “We should arm the working class, disarm the pigs.”


I wish I knew who the reporter talked to that answered that way because I somehow suspect they also support gun control. Funny how that works isn’t it?

Anyway, this is the insanity we see from people who are supposed to be in the process of becoming educated. Do they honestly think that taking away the police would make people safer? Holy crap on a cracker, forget I asked that.

The question is, why? What nonsense filled their heads to believe that a police-less state is somehow better.

If a law isn’t enforced, it might as well not exist. It’s just that simple. Now, one of them called for an armed working class as a solution to lack of police, but what happens when everyone tries to enforce laws selectively? What happens when I try to arrest the guy who steals my TV, but his buddies try to arrest me because I tried to arrest him? What happens?

And how far-fetched is that scenario? Under a scheme like that, not very.

But these children don’t know that. They don’t understand that, and yes, my choice to call them children despite being legal adults is intentional. They’re children because they still believe in fantasyland rhetoric and labor under the delusion that reality will conform to their wishes.


Luckily, the police aren’t going anywhere.

Hat tip: The Truth About Guns

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