When People Claim There's No Media Bias Against Guns, Show This

There is an idea out there that the media isn’t biased against guns. After all, I’ve heard argued, Hollywood has a love affair with guns. Just look at how many they use in their movies. There’s no way they’re anti-gun.

However, let’s take a look at what Hollywood has to say about guns for a moment.

In fact, here’s an example from Newsbusters of an instance just this week [emphasis Newsbusters]:

The innocent event of a parade was used to spout anti-gun dialogue because, if you listen to the doctors on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, random gunfire is everywhere and no one is able to avoid being a victim.

In the February 14 episode titled “I Walk the Line,” a teenage boy is brought in to Grey Sloan Memorial after he was shot by a random bullet as he performed in a Scottish bagpipe band in a parade. This isn’t the act of a mad man, though, it came from a bullet shot into the air in celebration of the parade. Nonetheless, the grief-stricken father lets the doctors know that more gun laws are needed, even if he had to reach back twenty years to tell a story justifying his opinion.

Owen: Okay. What do the scans show?

Alex: Show that it hit a branch of the pulmonary artery and veins.

Owen: Okay, we’re gonna have to open his chest so we can directly visualize any other injuries.

Jackson: All right, I’ll stand by and repair his hand when you’re done in the chest.

Seamus: There was a shooting of schoolchildren in Scotland. 16 schoolchildren.

Owen: What? When?

Seamus: 20 years ago. A man walked into the gym and opened fire on a bunch of innocent kids. We still talk about it. We still cry about it. We still pray about it. And we changed the gun laws because of it. We said never again, and there’s never been another one. My boy could die… …And nothing will change because of it. No law will change. How — How can that be possible?

Owen: Sir, we can’t let you go past this point.

Seamus: No, no, no! I want to hold his hand!

Owen: You stop here for his safety. Let us save him. Let us save his life.

Seamus: He was just walking down the street! He was just playing his music.

Owen: Seamus, you must look at me. Look at me. I’ve got him. I’ve got your son, okay? Okay?

Now, had the episode simply lashed out at the stupidity of celebratory gunfire, I’d have probably not cared. After all, shooting up into the air is idiotic.

Nope, they took this and turned it into an anti-gun tirade, even if from a distraught father. It doesn’t matter.

Now, ask yourself when you’ve seen a pro-gun argument presented in a positive light on television.

Further, think for a moment about who is using guns in those action films Hollywood loves to make and so many of us, myself included, love to watch? They’re cops, or they’re criminals. Good guys who aren’t cops are usually someone who has extensive government training. Otherwise, they couldn’t do anything. They’re special ops veterans or former cops or something like that.

Rare is the armed citizen who isn’t a complete moron.

But Hollywood wants us to believe they’re not biased? Hell, think of the last time you saw a Republican portrayed sympathetically or saw a pro-gun activist as someone who wanted to preserve the means to defend his family from a hostile world?

You don’t.

You probably never will, either.