Chelsea Clinton Steps In It With Post-Aurora Tweet

There’s a double standard at work when it comes to speaking in the wake of a mass shooting, in case you didn’t know.

For gun rights supporters like us, we’re required to wait a “respectful” period of time before offering opinions on the events in question. Meanwhile, gun control supporters don’t even have to wait for any facts to come in before they can build a soapbox from the bodies of the slain to advance their causes.


Just look at what happened Friday. We had a mass shooting, and while the rest of us were still learning about what was happening, Chelsea Clinton put this nonsense up on Twitter.

Now we know that the gunman was a convicted felon who still was able to obtain a firearm owner’s identification card and somehow pass a background check at the gun store where he purchased his gun. That’s a gun control failure.

We also know that Illinois has a red flag law on the books, one that apparently didn’t help in this instance at all. That’s another gun control failure.

Further, we know he was using a handgun, not the dreaded assault weapons Congress and so many state capitals have focused on.

So what would Clinton propose?

Look, I’m willing to talk about violence prevention, but not if it’s going to be nothing but a euphemism for gun control. Instead, we as a society need to start devoting resources to studying these incidents objectively and without bias. Let’s get people looking at this with an open mind to find out what makes these maniacs tick and how we can recognize a potential mass shooter in the making.


Once we do that, we can start working on interventions that can prevent these kinds of things without ruining their lives or depriving them of due process rights such as with red flag laws.

It can be done.

The problem is, though, for people like Clinton, it really is nothing but a euphemism. She doesn’t care about lives or anything else, despite her attempt at a pithy platitude of “It’s never too early to talk about gun violence prevention – it’s always too late.” Oh, such deep thoughts from a girl who has had private security surrounding her for most of her life and has never had to even smell violence of any stripe.

Further, how would she have reacted if she’d heard me say that the problem in Aurora was that there weren’t any other armed workers there?

I think we all know she’d have lost her crap and called me every kind of monster imaginable. After all, that’s what her ideological fellow travelers do if someone makes such a suggestion. We’ve all seen it, I’m sure.

Yet that’s what many people, including myself, thinks will ultimately lead to far fewer of these incidents.

You see, it’s never to early to discuss gun violence prevention if it’s the right kind of prevention, meaning gun control. That’s what it’s really about for Democrats, and all it’ll ever really be about.


It’s never really about saving people’s lives. If it was, they’d be willing to actually listen.

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