Dem Presidential Candidate Believes Aurora Proves We Need More Gun Laws

It doesn’t matter what happens or what gun control failures surround a mass shooting, some anti-gunner will use it to claim that there aren’t enough gun control laws on the books. It’s a big part of why I just can’t believe them when they claim they don’t want all the guns. If they didn’t, why do they keep trying to pass more gun control despite it failing to stop multiple atrocities?


Make no mistake, it happens to some degree after every single mass shooting.

Aurora is no different in that regard as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota has already done so.

On Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) told supporters that “sensible gun legislation” is necessary in the wake of the Aurora, Illinois shooting.

“It is time to do something about, by the way, after the tragedy in what we saw happen in Aurora, Illinois yesterday. It is time to put sensible gun legislation in place…” Klobuchar said. “I actually sat across from the president at that meeting, because I have a bill, a bipartisan bill, involving domestic violence … I counted nine times he said he was for universal background checks.”

Of course, despite being a convicted felon, the gunman in Aurora was able to obtain a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) and purchase his gun from a gun store in 2014. I mean, it’s like the background check requirements–two, in the case of an Illinois resident–did nothing to stop this kind of thing.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, the suspect wasn’t supposed to be in possession of a firearm, according to Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman.

As to why the suspect was able to purchase a gun before having his Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card revoked, Ziman stated: “It should be noted that this conviction would not necessarily have shown up on a criminal background check conducted for a FOID card.”

When asked why the suspect didn’t give up his firearm after his FOID card was revoked, Ziman stated:

That’s what we are determining right now as part of our investigation … absolutely he was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm. … After a FOID card revocation, the subject is provided a letter stating that they need to relinquish their firearms, and we’re looking into why that did not happen.


There are a lot of people wanting answers right now, and I’m sure we’ll only get some of them. The gunman was killed during the incident, which means we’re not going to get any information out of him unless the police have a necromancer on retainer.

What we can tell, however, is that while Klobuchar can talk about “sensible gun legislation” and invoking universal background checks, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that such a law would have done anything to prevent this horrific event. In fact, since Illinois already has universal background checks, quite the opposite.

Yet it’s funny how anti-gunners like Klobuchar never bother to acknowledge how gun control failed. They never admit that their bills and proposals wouldn’t have done anything in a given case.

If they did, I could almost respect them. After all, they’d at least be speaking honestly about their proposals.

Then again, if they were honest about their proposals, people would learn quickly how little good they’d actually do, especially when compared to the amount of harm they’d cause, and then never support them.

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