Georgia Crime Victim Battles For Constitutional Carry

Currently, in the state of Georgia, there’s a delay from when you apply for your concealed carry permit to when you get it. In most counties, it’s not an awful wait, but it’s still a wait. For most, it’s just an annoyance. Yet if you’re someone who needs a permit because of a threat to your life, that wait can feel like an eternity.


That’s where constitutional carry comes in. With it, there’s no delay. If you’re legally able to carry a gun, you can do so without a permit. Period.

In Georgia, there’s a bill to bring constitutional carry to the state.

Right now, a former crime victim is pushing for its passage, too.

A metro man who said he and a friend were ambushed by two attackers said he wants others to be able to fight back like he did.

Surveillance video obtained by Channel 2’s Matt Johnson shows the moments on Nov. 1, 2018, when the man was able to get his gun and start shooting at the men who ambushed him.

The shooting happened the same day he got his concealed carry permit.

I just really had to get my handgun out and put them on their heels and give myself a fighting chance,” Jon Foster said.

“They had stolen goods in the truck from a previous robbery that night, and I think they were setting us up for a home invasion,” Foster said.

Foster says he’s speaking out now to support of HB2, a proposed bill known as “constitutional carry.” If passed at the Capitol, it would get rid of the need for a concealed carry permit for Georgians legally qualified to own a gun.

Foster had to wait eight weeks to get his permit. It was only good fortune that he got it that day and not a day later when it wouldn’t have done him a damn bit of good.

He’s also a prime example of how HB2 needs to pass.


The truth is that bad people like those who attacked Foster didn’t have to wait for permits. They carried guns anytime they wanted to. As the police haven’t been able to find the attackers, they’re probably still carrying.

Permit requirements only hamper law-abiding citizens. They have no effect on criminals and never will. I mean, I get the thinking behind them, but reality shows that the wait required can cost people their lives.

Constitutional carry at least puts the average, law-abiding citizen on an even footing with those who may wish us harm. While the law wouldn’t hamper bad guys, the good guys would no longer be required to jump through hoops before being able to carry the means to defend themselves.

This isn’t rocket science, folks. It’s common sense. You know, the “common sense” that gets mangled to justify gun laws regularly? This is what common sense really looks like.

Foster’s lucky he got the permit in time and was able to defend his life.

How many people haven’t been so lucky throughout the years?

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