Washington State Man Arrested After Threatening Pro-Gun Sheriffs

There’s an idea that’s gone around in pro-Second Amendment circles for some time that the reason so many anti-gunners think we’re all violent jackwagons is that they are the ones inclined to hurt people who disagree with them. The idea is projection, and I’m not sure it’s wrong.

After all, we’ve seen plenty of people talking about hitting gun owners and taking their guns, kicking in doors to kill gun owners, and so forth. Meanwhile, the worst you find from most gun owners is that you’re going to have to kill us to get our guns. That’s a big damn difference.

As if trying to play into this idea, we have this anti-gunner from Washington state.

Around dinner time on Feb. 1, Jaydin Ledford’s ultra-left leaning commentaries took a twisted turn. He went on the offensive and quickly landed himself on law enforcement’s radar, and ultimately behind bars.

“I love how all my nightmares come true,” a self-indulgent Ledford, 23, posted early in the day.

On that day and stretching until Feb. 4, the self-proclaimed Marxist (who also claims to “speak for the trees”) teed up a series of deleterious threats aimed squarely at Washington State sheriffs.

The social media salvo came as Ledford’s retribution for many of them waging a public declaration against the merits of a gun control bill called Initiative 1639. (The new law which passed in November, seeks to put more protections on gun ownership when it goes into effect in July.)

“I-1639 is law,” read one of screeds composed by Ledford, whose Facebook profile photo features a headshot snap of a burly Karl Marx wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

“sheriffs that are non compliant will be shot. by me.”

Another post reads: “I really want to kill a police officer.”

Ledford was taken into custody at his Omak, Washington home on Feb. 20 by Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Sheriff Tony Hawley told Newsweek. He was subsequently charged with harassment before being turned over to federal custody and booked into Spokane County Jail.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports it had probable cause evidence of Ledford cyberstalking people.

I find it humorously ironic that someone so anti-gun would threaten to shoot people. That’s not to understate the danger someone like Ledford represents. Marxists have killed more than enough people throughout the years that you have to take threats made by one of them seriously.

I’m glad he’s in custody. People like this are a clear and present danger.

What’s worse is that they can gleefully murder people and feel morally justified by it. This is what we’re up against. There are a lot more people like Ledford out there, people who want others dead because they disagree with them. Ledford is far from unique. Earlier this week, Townhall ran a story about a Coast Guard officer who was planning to target Democrats. He, too, wanted to kill his opponents and it’s just as evil and vile.

This needs to end.

Luckily, Ledford is behind bars and I hope he stays there for a good, long time. Just like anyone else who makes these kinds of threats.