Despite Sheriffs Protests, New Mexico Gun Control Bill Advances

AP Photo/Alan Diaz

While lawmakers in New Mexico have shown their desire to pass gun control regulations, sheriffs throughout the state have made a stand saying they won’t enforce the new laws. Since an unenforced law is nothing more than words on a piece of paper, many may have hoped that this would be enough reason for New Mexico lawmakers to take a step back from the gun control ledge.

Well, it looks like they’ve decided instead to go off at a sprint.

Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham pushed back Tuesday against “rogue” county sheriffs who object to a state legislative proposal to expand background checks on firearms sales.

The state House and Senate have approved nearly identical bills to expand background checks to almost all private gun sales in New Mexico, and the House on Tuesday pushed forward with final approval of a Senate version that exempts gun sales to relatives including aunts, uncles and cousins.

The background-check bill is part of a slate of Democrat-sponsored proposals designed to stem gun violence that have drawn criticism from all but a few of the state’s sheriffs, while at least 18 counties have adopted “sanctuary” resolutions that say sheriffs should not be required to enforce any measures they consider unconstitutional.

“A few law enforcement officers in this state have been making noise about how they won’t enforce gun safety measures because they don’t like them,” Lujan Grisham wrote in a series of Twitter posts. “That’s not how laws work, of course, and it’s not how oaths of office work either. But let’s move past that.”

Says the man who clearly didn’t understand his oath of office.

When you swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” you don’t get to ignore that part of the oath simply because some lawmakers don’t think it matters. That’s not how any of it works.

In fact, you’re responsible for following unconstitutional orders just as if you chose to violate the constitution on your own. Orders aren’t absolution. That’s why we tried Nazis as war criminals who said they were “just following orders.”

Now, I’m not trying to say New Mexican anti-gun Democrats are like the Nazis.

However, I am saying that those who feel these regulations go against the Constitution have a moral obligation to not enforce them. That’s called “integrity,” something I’m sure people like Lujan Grisham wouldn’t know the first thing about.

I applaud these sheriffs for making this stand.

I also think that Lujan Grisham should take a step back and ask herself why these law enforcement officers are opposed to a bill that’s supposedly going to make people safer? The reason is that they all know it won’t. It won’t and it will just create problems for law-abiding citizens while doing absolutely nothing to stop criminals.

They know it, so they’re refusing to enforce it.

But then again, since when have gun control advocates considered the possibility that they’re not right despite the mountains of evidence showing just how wrong they are?