Progressives Paint Fear Of Gun Confiscations As Insane, Despite Truth

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

We know good and well that the endgame for gun control is total gun confiscation. We know this because every other point anti-gunners have demanded on guns and have received only led to them demanding still more ground. There’s no end in sight, and that’s just how they’re going to roll until they’re stopped.

National Rifle Association President Oliver North knows this as well as anyone. In his role, he’s saying as much.

And leave it to someone like ThinkProgress to try and paint him as a conspiracy theorist and violent extremist because of it.

Oliver North, the retired lieutenant colonel and current president of the National Rifle Association, claimed on Thursday morning that efforts to implement gun control would lead to “every firearm in the country” being confiscated.

North, who is best known for his role in the Iran-Contra affair, was speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, as part of a morning series of speeches entitled “What Makes America Great.”

“Our opponents ought to call themselves the vanguard of the disarm America movement,” North said. “They’re not going to be content to simply ignore the last four words of the Second Amendment, they want to repeal all 27 words and confiscate every firearm in the country.”

North went on to describe the NRA as the “nation’s oldest civil rights organization” and described the Second Amendment as “the purest metaphor for freedom.”

North’s speech notably served as a dog-whistle to the far right, which has pushed the idea of a second civil war that would supposedly begin with gun confiscation.

Militia movements have long maintained that any sort of gun control opens the door for government tyranny. Conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones have repeatedly played up this theory, which has been popularized on the fringes of the right by extremist literature like The Turner Diaries, a piece of white nationalist propaganda which has been linked to over 200 murders. The novel, first published in 1978, describes the fictional account of a man who leads an uprising against Jews and non-white citizens, and opens with a tyrannical U.S. government confiscating guns.

First, anytime the Left uses the phrase “dog whistle,” what they’re saying is that they can’t legitimately make a link exist, so they’ll pretend there’s some secret code that only the “far Right” speaks.  Funny how progressives seem to understand this code better than people on the Right, isn’t it?

Second, while the militia movements and other far-Right groups have maintained such things, they’re far from alone. The truth is, it’s a meme among the pro-gun advocates, primarily because tyranny cannot exist so long as people are armed and therefore have the means to resist. It’s why we have a Second Amendment.

But ThinkProgress doesn’t care about that.  It wants that tyranny. It’s just convinced it’ll be a tyranny that it’ll enjoy. It thinks the tyrant will be one of its own and will shower anti-gunners with privileges and punish its enemies.

Of course, ThinkProgress probably doesn’t think of it as a tyranny, but that doesn’t change reality.

So North is absolutely correct that gun control will lead to tyranny. It’s a simple fact of logic.

If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at the United Kingdom. Anti-gunners will point to it and say, “See? It’s not tyranny!”

Dude. Seriously. Officials punished a guy for teaching a pug how to do a Nazi salute. The nation routinely punishes people and investigate folks for saying “not-nice” things.

How is that not tyranny?

Just because the United Kingdom isn’t shooting people doesn’t make its actions less tyrannical.

It’ll be our future too if groups like ThinkProgress get its way.